May 5, 2021

Seigneur Tabu Ley in America, USA & Canada
Yola, Une Explosion… Une Conquete
Une Consécration : Vedette Mondiale
Genidia 1984

He was one of the most important and influential Congolese
composers, singer and bandleader. Pascal-Emmanuel Sinamoyi
Tabu, better known as Tabu Ley Rochereau, passed by here on
more than one occasion. Today we find this 1984 album which
was recorded in America, USA and Canada.
Always joyful listening ..

Hij was een van de belangrijkste en invloedrijke Congolese
componisten, zanger en bandleider. Pascal-Emmanuel Sinamoyi
Tabu, beter bekend als Tabu Ley Rochereau, kwam hier al meer
dan eens langs. Vandaag vinden we dit album uit 1984 welke
in Amerika en Canada werd opgenomen. Altijd
weer luisteren met veel genoegen ..

.. lance Faya Tess 1987
with Mbilia Bel, Contre Ma Volonté 1987
Le Seigneur Rochereau 1970
Belle Epoque vol. 2 1984
Nico, Rochereau, Dechaud & Mizele 1987
à Abidjan vol. 3 1980
à Abidjan vol. 2 1980
à Abidjan vol. 1
Deuissant, Dechaud,Izedi, Mujos & Rochreau 1986
En Amour y a Pas de Calcul 1982
Le Seigneur Rochereau et l’African Fiesta National le Peuple
Rochereau vol.5 1982
Kwamy, Nico, Rochereau 1984
Tabu Ley 1979
à l’Olympia 1971
Nico, Rochereau & Izedi 1986
avec Orchestre African Fiesta National (le Peuple)
Tango Ya Ba Vieux Kalle no. 2 1969
le Seigneur 1972
Rochereau vol. 6 1982
l’Afrique Danse No. 4 1969
Dans la Musique Congolais de Variétés 1970
Pamelo Mounk’a with Rochereau & Mbila Bel 1983
Mbilia Bel & Rochereau, Eswi Yo Wapi 1983
with Sam Mangwana, Belle Epoque vol. 4 1985
with Sam Mangwana, Belle Epoque vol. 3 1985
Rochereau, Kale, Ndombe Pepe
Les Merveilles du Passé no. 4 1969
Rochereau vol. 4 1980
Rochereau Tabu Ley 1973
Belle Epoque vol. 1
Rochereau 1984
Rochereau et Franco, l’Evenement à Paris
African Fiesta, Music from Zaïre vol. 1
African Fiesta vol. 2 1966
African Party vol. 1a>
Succes d’Hier 1969
Sacramento 1986
Tabu Ley et l’Orchestre Afrisa International 1974
Orchestre Afrisa International 1975
with Sam Mangwana, Mose Konzo
with Mbilia Bel, Beauté d’une Femme 1985
Seven 7″ de Congo vol. 6
Music from Zaïre vol. 5 1978

01 – Nzoto na ngai se moko oyo
02 – Ntua bwanga
03 – Africa now
04 – I need you


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  1. Tim Harrison 15 May 2021 at 10:55 - Reply

    Moos, thank you as always for sharing this LP with us. I was just expecting it to be an “ordinary” Tabu Ley LP. Good, so far. Should be nice listening, and so it proves. However, track 4 is a total revelation. Tabu Ley has discovered Juju dub. Remarkable! This track has made my “best of” 2021 playlist already. It is almost contemporary in its style, reminding me of some of the Prince Fatty mixes of the last few years, such as his take on Dele Sosimi’s You No Fit Touch Am LP.

    I will have to do some research and see who was responsible for the production and whether Tabu Ley ever did anything else like this. It is so different from the rest of the LP, there must be a story. Did he listen to King Sunny Adé in New York and think “hey, I like this”?

    • Moos 15 May 2021 at 22:13 - Reply

      It certainly is a weird track Tim,
      I don’t know what to think of it myself.
      Absolutely like nothing he did before,
      glad it made it to your best of list ..

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