July 12, 2021

Sam Mangwana sings Dino Vangu
Stern’s Music 2000

There are some who say that Congolese rumba – lovely, graceful
and charming though it was in the good old days – is now a faded
relic of the past. But they haven’t heard this album. Two veterans
of those good old days – guitarist and songwriter Dino Vangu and
singer Sam Mangwana – have re-united to show that their beloved
rumba is alive and well, and still as beautiful and
invigorating as ever. (liner notes)

Discogs, Sam Mangwana
Discogs, African All Stars
Sam Mangwana & Tiers Monde, Fatimata 1986
Festival des Maquisards 1971
wth Franco – Coopération 1982
wth African All Stars 79 – Suzana Coulibaly 1982
Merveilles du Passé
wth African All Stars – M’banda Kazaka
Franco joue avec Sam Mangwana
Est Ce Que Tu Moyens ? 1981
wth wth Franco – For Ever 1989
Lokassa ya Mbongo, African All Stars – Bonne Année 1983
Sam Mangwana et l’African All Stars, Celluloid 1982
canta Moçambique, Vamos Para O Campo ! 1983
Les Chiens Aboient, La Caravane Passe 1981
Eddy’Son Présente 1979
Georgette Eckins 1979
Maria Tebbo 1979
l’International 1980
wth African All Stars 1982
Seigneur Ley et Mangwana Sam – Mose-Konzo (single) 1975
Sam Mangwana du Zaïre 1977
wth Bopol & Syran
wth Theo Blaise Kounkou & African All Stars
wth Tiers Monde 1983
African All Stars – Les Champions
wth Rochereau – Belle Epoque vol. IV 1985
wth Rochereau – Belle Epoque vol. III

01 – Femmes africaines
02 – Escrobondo
03 – Marie kembo
04 – keba na liberté
05 – Erika
06 – Kiyedi
07 – Ibrahim
08 – Erika ambiance


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  1. Ian Franey 14 July 2021 at 06:44 - Reply

    I do like this album. Even the putamayo release (around the same time if I’m not mistaken) testifies to his special Angolan take on Congolais rumba. Always a special warmth in his voice and the Franco collaborations and African Allstar period was exemplary. Can’t go wrong here.

  2. peacenik 15 July 2021 at 20:01 - Reply

    I remember looking for this years ago and couldn’t find it. It’s worth the wait, thanks for sharing!

  3. Luisiane 17 July 2021 at 01:29 - Reply

    THANK YOU!! I’ve been wanting to hear this one for a while. Sam’s voice is legendary, at any age. And Monsieur Dinu Philippe Vangu is a very fine guitarist & songwriter, even if he does stand in the shadow of Docteur Nico.

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