August 25, 2021

Musa Olwete Migori Super Stars – Super Terera
Kenya Music KBS 002

The sleeve of this obscure 12″ record does not give us a
name. Who are the ones that play on this little gem ? I used
Shazam on my phone to find out the band is probably ‘Musa
Olwete Migori Super Stars’. Since this is the only thing we have,
I assume this is the right information. if you think differently,
please be so kind to tell us. Shazam gives side one the title;
‘Marggaret Akinyi Jaber’, however the sleeve does give
three songtitles. What to do ? I just took the titles from
the sleeve and the bandname from Shazam. You tell me ..

btw, this slice of benga is dedicated to Ngoni Chivizhe and
his old army buddies, enjoy it and dance the mujiba for me ..

Migori Jazz Band, 73

01 – Super terera
02 – Aweyo
03 – Miss marry


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  1. Pete 25 August 2021 at 10:33 - Reply

    Perfect. What an amazing album. More like this please. All the best, Pete

  2. ians 25 August 2021 at 12:04 - Reply

    Fantastic !
    Thank you

  3. David S 25 August 2021 at 14:15 - Reply

    Thanks, Moos. I look forward to listening. I don’t know them but as a little quick research:

    Migori is a town and county in western Kenya, not far from the Tanzanian border and Lake Victoria.

    Here are 27 singles by Migori Super Stars (or variations on that name), six including some version of “Musa Olwete and”.

    Some of their songs are on Youtube (as “Migori Superstars”) so could be compared.

    Flee magazine issue 1 on Benga music of Kenya includes (per Google) the line “the pioneers of benga (Daniel Owino Misiani, George Ramogi and the Migori Superstars) ” Maybe it came with a CD also. An excerpt is here:

  4. David S 25 August 2021 at 15:39 - Reply
  5. Rico Le Schwartz 26 August 2021 at 01:16 - Reply

    Hi Moos & all contributors, Shazam gives the right answer : on Spotify, the song Margaret Akinyl Jaber played bv Musa Olwete Migori Super Stars is the same as the one called Super Terera in the record you posted.
    Any Shazam answer for the 2 other songs ?

    • Anonymous 26 August 2021 at 02:24 - Reply

      So here is more info, answering to David S.
      As a matter of fact, we could believe that the two songs in side B of Moos’s record seems to come from the one David pointed, due to similarities in the titles of the songs.
      But it’s more complicated as there seems to be a bit of confusion.
      David’s record has been auctionned by Roots Vinyl Guide ( and in this page, you can find 2 links to download the mp3s :
      > for side A (file 7Kaware A.mp3, supposed to be Aweyo Man’geny),
      > and for side B (file 7 KawereB.mp3, supposed to be Miss Otyeno Mary).
      Strangely, Side A is the same song and band as Super Terera in Moos’s record (or Marggaret Akinyi Jaber in ‘Musa
      Olwete Migori Super Stars) and side B is the same song and band as Aweyo in Moos’s record.
      So I guess Roots Vinyl Guide may have mistaken, switching sides A & B, and therefore file 7Kawere B.mp3 could be Aweyo Man’geny.
      But then, Miss Otyeno Mary by D. Cheplin Mc.Otula & Kawere Boys woud be the same as Super Terera in Moos’s record and Marggaret Akinyi Jaber in ‘Musa Olwete Migori Super Stars…
      So what about Miss Marry in Moos’s record ?
      And also, what about the fact that the two bands Musa
      Olwete Migori Super Stars and D. Cheplin Mc.Otula & Kawere Boys seem in fact to be only one ?
      I’ve looked at discogs and kentanzavinyl but didn’t find any match beetween the two bands…

    • Moos 26 August 2021 at 07:06 - Reply

      Shazam had no results for the two other songs unfortunately ..

  6. David S 26 August 2021 at 02:51 - Reply

    Dear Moos –

    Thanks again. Track 2 on your 3-song record is the same as track 2 (starting around 4:29) of this 2-song Youtube video:

    The Youtube photo and caption say the two songs are Aweyo manapos geny/Miss Otyeno [Mary], by Kawere Boys (1970’s Music from Kenya)

    But the Youtube attribution says the music is
    Song: Marggaret Akinyi Jaber
    Artist: Musa Olwete Migori Super Stars
    Album: Suzana Akinyi Golden Oldies
    Licensed to YouTube by: The Orchard Music (on behalf of Africha Entertainment (VM) Limited)

    I suspect the attribution is wrong and this song is actually Kawere Boys. I will ask further..

  7. David S. 26 August 2021 at 13:38 - Reply

    Thanks to Anonymous above. I think the Shazam ID is wrong, and Roots Vinyl Guide and Youtube (the photo and caption and the listener comments, not the attribution, which could be the source of the Shazam ID) are right. I asked this in a Facebook group, and someone who is expert sent some documentation that provides some support.

    In that case, your Cote d’Ivoire record of Kenyan music is NOT by Musa Olwete & the Migori Superstars. My theory/guess, with the major caveats that I was not there and don’t speak any Luo, is:

    Track 1 (side A), labelled “Super terera”, is the Kawere Boys, “Aweyo Mangeny” (in some versions with an apostrophe after the 1st n). They were led by Cheplin Ngode Kotula, which to my best guess is the source of the other names on the single (D. Cheplin Mc.Otula, or on one side of one version, D. Chaplin Mc.Otula).

    Track 2 (Side B track 1), labelled “Aweyo”, is the Kawere Boys, “Miss Otyeno Mary”, the other side of the Kawere Boys single.

    Track 3 (Side B track 2), labelled “Miss marry” – still don’t know.

    • David S. 26 August 2021 at 16:23 - Reply

      As more supporting evidence for my conclusion above, here’s a different Youtube video with the first song on your record, again identified as “Aweyo Mangeny” by the Kawere Boys.*

      *actually in this case the “Chepline Kotula Kawere Boys,” which is probably a differently garbled version of Cheplin Ngode Kotula and the Kawere Boys.

  8. Ngoni Chivizhe 26 August 2021 at 13:55 - Reply

    Eureka!!!. Yes yes Moos thank you very much for the Benga music. I tell you me and my group are growing younger as we listen and dance to this Benga music. Thanks very much sir. This weekend we are organising some function where we will be roasting some meat and having some drinks as we listen and dance to the music from you Moos. How I wish you were here just for you to pick maybe just a piece, and enjoy the mujiba dance as we enjoy life. We love you Moos.

    • Moos 26 August 2021 at 14:56 - Reply

      ;-) ;-) ;-)

      you have no idea how I wish I was
      there and dance along with you guys ..

    • Good to Go! 27 August 2021 at 01:23 - Reply

      I know I wasn’t invited but… I very much wish I could join you too!

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