October 18, 2021

Choc Stars – Retrouvailles à Paris vol. 3
Amour Infini Bakutu
Rythmes et Musique 1985

To be frank, I must admit, although I do like some of their
records a lot, I am certainly not their biggest fan. Choc Stars
made some 50 albums. I think the one we find today is one
of their very best. With that outstanding bass, if I’m not mis-
taking by Djo Mali. Real nice 1985 release, their finest days.
It is volume 3 from four ‘Retrouvailles à Paris’ albums, mostly
composed by Bozi Boziana. Enjoy the Choc Stars ..

Om eerlijk te zijn, en hoewel ik sommige van hun platen heel
goed vind, ben ik niet hun grootste fan. Choc Stars maakte zo’n
50 albums. Ik denk dat degene die we vandaag hebben zeker
één van hun allerbeste is. Met die heerlijke basloopjes, als ik me
niet vergis door Djo Mali gespeeld. Echt fijne release uit 1985,
hun beste periode. Dit is volume 3 van vier ‘Retrouvailles à Paris’,
voornamelijk gecomponeerd door Bozi Boziana, enjoy ..


Choc Stars 1986
Carnaval Choc Stars 1988
Ben Nyamabo 1989
Oka Polisson Chauffe 1990
langa Langa Stars et Choc Stars 1983
Premier Amour, Anytha-Ngapy 1989
Akufa Lobi Akoni Moto 1986
Kelemani 1986
Oko Ndizo Mbongwana Emonani
Choc=Choc=Choc 1986
Defao de Choc Stars 1988

01 – Arlette loukakou
02 – Amour infini bakutu
03 – La femme troubla l’amour
04 – Lassan


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  1. anon 18 October 2021 at 10:29 - Reply

    Thanks. I also really love the ‘Retrouvailles à Paris’ series. The series didn’t have any real ‘hit’ songs, but it really does show the band in top form. The recording quality is also excellent so you can pick out every note and instrument. Volume 2 is the standout for me, though they are all very consistent. Usual star guitarist Roxy Tshimpaka is unusually absent on the whole series but I think hard to miss, his substitute Sedjo Kha is less flashy but still exceptional. It is at the end of the Bozi Boziana era and he’s still the dominant singer – you get his inimitable energy and vocal skill driving through it all.

  2. Jerome 19 October 2021 at 07:56 - Reply


    too much bro

  3. Anonymous 30 October 2021 at 22:05 - Reply

    Great album. Anything by Choc stars, but Arlette Lokakou is a real favorite.

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