November 6, 2021

Conjunto a Voz do Morro
Roda de Samba
Musidisc 1965

Some time ago I got confused when I found this fine samba album.
At first I thought I already had it. It was posted in february this year.
What do we have here ? Both records came out on Musidisc. The
first side has the same 7 songs, except that track 1 and 6 are reversed.
The second side however has seven totally different songs. I’m quite
sure the one we have today is the original first album, while the one
we had earlier, called vol. 1, was made without the introductions.
They have left away the studio intro, on which we hear the title,
sometimes with first or second take. Why they changed the
second seven songs remains a mystery. Do you know why .. ?

Enige tijd geleden toen ik dit mooie samba album voor de tweede keer
vond raakte ik even in de war. Ik had ‘m al, maar dan in een geheel an-
dere uitvoering. Gepost in Februari dit jaar. De eerste kant bevat
dezelfde zeven nummers, alleen met track 1 en 6 omgekeerd. De tweede
kant echter, bevat zeven totaal andere nummers. Ik weet tamelijk zeker
dat dit het eerste origineel is. Degene die we eerder hadden, vol. 1,
werd later gemaakt zonder de studio introducties. Daarop horen we de
titels, soms met eerste of tweede ‘take’ erbij. Waarom ze de
tweede zeven nummers hebben veranderd blijft
een mysterie. Weet jij waarom .. ?

Wikipedia, Brasil

Roda de Samba vol. 1

01 – Pecadora
02 – Intriga
03 – Mascarada
04 – Coração vulgar
05 – Conversa de malandro
06 – Peço licença
07 – Vai saudade
08 – Jurar com lagrimas
09 – Maria
10 – Coração de ouro
11 – Não sou feliz
12 – Injúria
13 – Sonho triste
14 – Meu viver


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  1. Ian Franey 8 November 2021 at 04:37 - Reply

    Marketing or a mistake? Either way, either release contains some sweet samba.

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