November 6, 2021

Conjunto a Voz do Morro
Roda de Samba vol. 2
Musidisc 1966

To follow up on the first volume I’m taking the liberty to bring
you the second volume as well. It was downloaded from the
great Zecalouro’s Loronix many years ago. (if I’m not mistaking)
The quality is a bit different than you’re used to find here, only
192 kbps. The music is very nice however so
enjoy listening to it like always.

Met dit tweede volume volgen we het eerste op. Ik ben zo vrij
geweest de files te gebruiken van Zecalouro’s Loronix (als ik me
niet vergis tenminste) De kwaliteit is niet helemaal wat je hier
gewend bent, slechts 192 kbps. De muziek is echter
heerlijk dus geniet ervan als anders ..

01 – Recado
02 – Conselho
03 – Quem vem lá
04 – Linguajar do morro
05 – A canoa virou
06 – Papel reclame
07 – Os olhos de maria
08 – Samba… samba
09 – Sorri
10 – Espetaculo deslumbrante
11 – Samba da coroa
12 – Responsabilidade
13 – Pranto ardente
14 – Olinda


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  1. Kurt Sörensen 7 November 2021 at 13:11 - Reply
  2. Ian Franey 8 November 2021 at 04:40 - Reply

    Very nice indeed. Always satisfying to get
    multiple volumes in different series. Cheers

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