December 18, 2021

The Sound of Kinshasa
Guitar Classics from Zaïre
Various Artists
Original Music 1982

Dear visitor, good morning. Yesterday we had a somewhat
misplaced post. It was given to me by a friend and I should
have done my homework. It concerned a Youlou Mabiala
which was messed up. I decided to take it down and give
you something worth the disc space. Let’s see ..
This is The Sound of Kinshasa on John Storm Roberts’
Original Music series. 13 songs among which tracks by
the most prominent artists in the field. I hope this
one can make up for yesterday’s mistake ..

Beste bezoeker, goeiemorgen. Gisteren hadden we een
post die de plek op onze GG niet verdiende. Ik had de files
van een vriend gekregen en had beter m’n huiswerk moeten
doen alvorens te posten. Het betrof een Youlou Mabiala die
niet klopte en ik heb daarom besloten hem weer te lozen.
Vandaag daarom een album die je harddisk ruimte wel
verdient. Dit is de Sound of Kinshasa op John Storm
Roberts’ Original Music serie. 13 songs waaronder
opnames van de meest prominente artiesten in het
veld. Ik hoop dat deze de fout weer goed maakt ..

Wikipedia on John Storm Roberts
Original Music on Discogs

Amin Xaaji Cusmaan, Jamiila 1987
Orlando Owoh, Dr. Ganja’s Polytonality Blues 1995
african acoustic From the Copperbelt… Zambian Miners’Songs 1989
Songs the Swahili Sing, Classics from the Kenya Coast 1983
Nigeria’s Dr. Sir Warrior and the Oriental Brothers Int., Heavy on the Highlife 1990

01 – Ombiza Charles – Masida ngalina
02 – Orch. A.H. Depalo – Etoile des neiges
03 – Nino with Orch, Rockamambo – Mickey me quiero
04 – Orchestre African Jazz – Mokozi ya mboka
05 – Franco with Orchestre OK Jazz – Bomboko awuti na new york
06 – Kale with Orchestre OK Jazz – Tika nedeka no te
07 – Rochereau with Orch. African Fiesta – Madina
08 – Mujos with Orchestre OK Jazz – Finga mama munu
09 – Ngwalau Michel with Orch. African Fiesta – Limbisa ngai
10 – Jojo with Orchestre OK Jazz – Komokosaka te na basi
11 – Depiano with Orch. Beguen Band – Christina
12 – Dr. Nico with orch. African Fiesta – Kiri kiri mabina ya sika
13 – Orchestre Empire des Bakuba – Ya yongo


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  1. juanito 18 December 2021 at 09:43 - Reply


  2. Dennis 18 December 2021 at 12:52 - Reply

    Excellent post Moos. I bought this record on a whim and it opened me up to Congolese music.
    John Storm Roberts – a little known pioneer who gave his life making little known music available.

  3. Michael Lion 18 December 2021 at 13:28 - Reply


  4. Gabriel Sihudu 18 December 2021 at 15:10 - Reply

    Asante sana { thank you very much }

  5. Anonymous 18 December 2021 at 22:15 - Reply

    Thanks Moos. This is a fantastic record. John Storm Roberts’ Original Music label brought so much great music to people’s attention. This one shocked me with its wonderful old-but-new-to-me sounds when I first heard it – an astonishing cross-section of amazing Kinshasa music, that opened my ears to la rumba congolaise. Dr Nico’s contributions are transcendent. More Original Music please! Thanks again for sharing. mamboPete

  6. Nick Beddow 19 December 2021 at 10:32 - Reply

    hiya Moos, let me know which Youlou was messed-up and I will find you a better digital copy :)

  7. El Profe 20 December 2021 at 14:22 - Reply

    the Youlou Mabiala recording you withdrawed is a bloody smoking masterpiece which made my week end,
    I’m glad i could catch it ;)

    thanks, as always amigo

  8. Sam 4 January 2022 at 08:41 - Reply

    Hi, Moos. Happy New Year / Feliz Ano! Always good to get some Original Music stuff. I have to tell you a secret, though. John, who I knew from back in the day (the ’70s!), was not a fan of the “Get it and spread it” philosophy. He HATED the predecessor technology (taping LPs) because he saw it as robbing the musicians and those like himself who were investing in recording, remastering and releasing the music in hard copies. I think he would have adjusted to the new reality, though, because so many more people now have access to the music he loved — thanks, in large part, to your good work. Keep the music coming!

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