June 27, 2022

l’Orchestre Empire Bakuba
Poto Malili: Kinshasa Moto ! Moto ! Moto !
Musicanova 1993

Today’s contribution is not my own rip, I found it through
a friend. It has a different quality, 192 kbps. It also came
without a backsleeve picture. One way or the other, it
is still nice to have another Empire Bakuba album to
listen to, get it and spread it ..

De plaat van vandaag is niet uit de eigen stal, maar komt
bij ons via een vriend. Hij heeft een andere bitrate, 192 kbps.
Tevens ontbreekt de foto van de achterkant. Hoe dan ook,
altijd fijn om weer een andere Empire Bakuba te kunnen
beluisteren. Down en deel ..


Bombe Atomique 1985
Bonana 85 1985
Zabolo 1997
Livre d’Or 1987
Adieu Docteur Nico 1986
Divisé par Deux 1992
Mamie Music Clarification 1992
Kabambare 1985
Trop c’est Trop 1985
Soucis ya Likinga 1986
La Belle Étoile 1984
Show Times 1990
Lassissi Présente Empire Bakuba
Le Tube de vos Vacances : Liya Liya Faina 1990
Le Phenomenal
Massasy Calculé à Abidjan 1986
Pépé Kallé chante le Poète Simaro Massiya 1989
Pépé Kallé et Carlito Verre Cassé 1984
Afro Rythmes présente Pépé Kallé 1989
l’Argent ne Fait Pas le Bonheur
Pon Moun Paka Bougé 1989

01 – Mama mapasa
02 – Ya naponi
03 – Pense à moi
04 – Ngai naye
05 – Mbiya
06 – Diamante


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  1. anon 2 July 2022 at 05:18 - Reply

    Thanks as always. This is mainly a Dilu Dilumona album. A big change in the band to note in the 90s is the focus on the animation sequences (singing over the instrumentsls usually in the second half of each track) of Djouna ‘Big One’ which is quite different to the 80s stuff. Also the bassist Gode Lofombo replaced Mepe Cheri (both are great)

  2. Anonymous 2 September 2022 at 23:55 - Reply

    Moto! Moto! Poto Malili = This dance/animation was very popular in the 90’s. Africa Moto! Poto Malili! Empire Bakuba was becoming more and more popular as the 90s soared.

    Gode Lofombo takes the bass work here. Woah…a lot of serious basswork!

    Like the previous guy behind me says, this is mainly a Dilu Dilumona album.

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