June 7, 2022

Mutabaruka – Check It !
Alligator Records 1983

Early eighties the reggae/dub poetry movement took place.
We saw Poet and the Roots, which was Linton Kwesi Johnson,
Michael Smith, Benjamin Zephaniah, Oku Onoura and also
Mutabaruka. This is his 1983 album we played a lot almost
40 years ago, time flies. The lyrics are still relevant today.
Protest songs about war, rape, discrimination and a rotten
system can easily be listened to in the present time.

In de vroege jaren tachtig was er een beweging gaande die
we reggae/dub poëzie noemen. Jongens als Poet and the Roots,
(Linton Kwesi Johnson) Michael Smith, Benjamin Zephaniah,
Oku Onoura, maar ook Mutabaruka deden hun ding. Dit is
zijn plaat uit 1983, veel gedraaid bijna 40 jaar geleden.
De tijd vliegt. Deze teksten die oorlog, verkrachting,
discriminatie en het verrotte systeem belichten,
kunnen ook vandaag nog worden beluisterd.

All Music, biography

Poet and the Roots, Dread Beat an’ Blood 1978
Linton Kwesi Johnson, Forces of Victory 1979

01 – Intro, Check it
02 – De system
03 – Every time a ear the soun’
04 – Witeman country
05 – Whey mi belang ?
06 – Say
07 – Angola invasion
08 – Hard time loving
09 – Butta pan kulcha
10 – Sit dung pon de wall, Naw give up


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  1. Andy Chertow 7 June 2022 at 17:30 - Reply

    a great album hope everyone who hasn’t heard it gets it

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