June 30, 2022

Ngoma Jazz – Bom Ano
Merengue MPA 4010 ?

Today’s post concerrns another album which was not
ripped by me. It is a quite obscure record with Ngoma
Jazz from Angola. On Discogs I didn’t find it, only a single
with this cover. The cover probably does not belong to
the album, but since we have no other option let’s use
it for now. Listen..

Vandaag hebben we wederom een plaat die niet door mij
is geripped. Het betreft een tamelijk obscuur album met
Ngoma Jazz uit Angola. Op Discogs vond ik ‘m niet, alleen
een singletje met dezelfde hoes. Deze hoes hoort hoogst
waarschijnlijk niet bij de elpee, maar omdat er even
geen ander is, gebruiken we hem zolang. Luister ..


Seven 7″ de Angola

01 – Mpasiomona
02 – Bom ano
03 – Enjukulo vakuvilikiya
04 – Kambadiame manuel e manuel
05 – Kupassiala kuawaba
06 – Lo la la la ai we mama
07 – Madi mdumda a mbote e e a a
08 – Yoli yoli yoli yoli yoli
09 – Mbanda yo mbando yisanibamga
10 – Nsamadiaya niwolo baza
11 – Ngi banza undewemi
12 – Ngogo zuquvuole mana diala
13 – Merengue pueca ceira


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  1. Stefan 30 June 2022 at 18:55 - Reply

    Thank you very much for posting this. It looks to me as a pretty fine example of piracy. To make tracking down things more difficult they attached new titles to the songs. I could not identify all songs yet, but a few: first track is Belita Kirikiri from Ngoma Jazz, track five is Kupassiala kua aba from Quinteto Angolano, both songs were issued on compilations years ago…

    But may be other visitors have different ideas about it. I’m looking forward for other peoples opinions With best regard Stefan

    • Moos 30 June 2022 at 23:04 - Reply

      oh seriously,
      I’m gonna find out how or what ..

    • Moos 1 July 2022 at 07:27 - Reply

      Hi Stefan,
      The two titles you found are indeed as you say. Funny thing is,
      I tried ‘Shazam’ to determine all titles and to my surprise it
      confirms all as I posted them. Kupassiala kua is on the Angola
      60’s collector by Quinteto Angolano, but Shazam claims it is
      from Ngoma Jazz. Shazam also shows the sleeve as I found it.
      Clearly something is wrong here, unfortunately I do not have
      the means to find out exactly what. thank you for your comment.

      if somebody knows more, please let us know too ..

      • Stefan 2 July 2022 at 18:03 - Reply

        Hi Moos,

        thank you very much. I have found some time, to go somewhat deeper.

        According to Sebastiao Matumona (member/ guitarist) the band started as Quinteto Angolano. Somewhat later they changed to Ritmo Jazz, to be renamed again in the early 1970s to Ngoma Jazz (also N’Goma Jazz). Since the 1960s they had worked with n’gola records and recorded several 7” singles, as Quinteto Angolano and Ngoma Jazz.

        What I could figure out in addition is:

        Song no. 2 & 3 (on the compilation featured here) might equal the 7” Bom Ano/ Enjukulo Vakuvilikiya – Quinteto Angolano (n’gola NGA 122).

        Song no 4. might be Kanda Diami – Quinteto Angolano (n’gola NGA 146) or N’Golo Banza Kamba Diami Didinho – Ngoma Jazz (n’gola LD 145).

        Song no. 6 & 12 were issued as a 7” Lola/ N’Gongo Ia Kuvuala Ò Mona Diala – Ngoma Jazz (n’gola LD 167). I could do a comparative listening to confirm this.

        Song no. 7 might be Madi Ndumba Mbote – Ngoma Jazz (n’gola LD 146).

        Song no. 8 might equal Merengue Yoli Yoli – Quinteto Angolano (N’gola NGA 146).

        Song no. 9 was issued as N’banda Yo Mbanda – Ngoma Jazz (n’gola LD 146). I could do a comparative listening to confirm this, although the title appeared as M’Bamba Yumbana ;-).

        Song no 10. might be N’Gamadia Uolo Banza – Quinteto Angolano (n’gola NGA 118).

        Song no. 11 & 13 I have not found any information yet.

        So far so good… but there is one thing to be thought about, the song lyrics might not be correctly displayed in the title tracks. So it can be, that even the n’gola 7” might have ‘transfer loss/ errors’ in the title writing. Sadly I don’t speak any of the local Angolan languages.

        I hope that some of the other visitors might have something to add. Maybe you have some of these singles and can tell us a bit more. And I hope that one of the Angola visitors might add her/ his ideas. It would be great!

        With best regards Stefan

        • Moos 3 July 2022 at 08:08 - Reply

          Great work Stefan, the most important to me is
          hearing that most songs were indeed played by
          Ngoma Jazz or Quinteto Angolano which is more
          or less the same group. I’m leaving it as it is.
          Thank you very much for your search ..

  2. Tim Harrison 7 July 2022 at 18:04 - Reply

    Lovely LP Moos, and thanks to Stefan as well. Very much in the style of Africa Negra or Pedro Lima, which makes it perfect for a northern hemisphere summer.

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