August 17, 2022

Chief I.I. Ayeni & his Group
Ora Traditional Songs vol. 1
Ijebor Trading Stores 1978

One of the slowest and laidback sounds we find in our
Etsakor section is the music of I.I. Ayeni & his Group.
We’ve been dreaming on three of his albums so far,
today we find the fourth. Mesmerizing deep
highlife with the Chief ..

Eén van de meest ontspannen en onderuit gezakte
sounds in onze Etsakor hoek komt van deze man, I.I.
Ayeni & his Group. We hebben al op drie van zijn platen
zitten wegdromen, vandaag nummer vier. Diepe
en biologerende highlife met de Chief ..


Ora Traditional Songs vol. 6 1979
Ebako Alie 1985
Ohua-Nugbese 1981

01 – Ovbiomo nose
—- Aimiebire no fo
—-Onagbo se so obo oi mo ziegbe
02 – Ohime khafime gbe
—- Oyoyakhe
—- Olokume


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  1. Pete 17 August 2022 at 17:14 - Reply

    Thanks for this one. By any chance – and I know this is a long shot – do you have any of the King Solomon`s Mines Soundtrack albums? If so, could you share them on here? Thanks in advance, Pete

  2. Christophe 21 August 2022 at 19:13 - Reply

    Thanks a lot for this one Moos. I’m a big fan of this Etsako style of highlife and specialy when it comes from the Ijebor label. Very deep and roots highlife, little bit cracky but never mind this is great music form the Global Groover.

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