February 2, 2023

Tabu ley Seigneur Rochereau
and Afrisa International Orchestra
Babeti Soukous
Real World 1989

When Peter Gabriel started his Real World label back in 1989,
Tabu Ley Rochereau did this studio/live performance for him.
It was done in one evening at the Real World studios, Wiltshire,
England. The album contains hi-lites from Rochereau’s previous
20 years of career. Get it and spread it ..

Babeti Soukous, Wiki

01 – Presentation
02 – Kinshasa
03 – Sorozo
04 – Linga ngai
05 – Moto akokufa
06 – Nairobi
07 – Seli ja
08 – I need you
09 – Amour nala
10 – Tu as dit que
11 – Sentimenta
12 – Pitié
13 – Mosolo


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  1. cyndy patrick 5 February 2023 at 17:47 - Reply

    many thanks for this! we had record-breaking low temperatures in boston this weekend, and this post helped me survive. cheers!

  2. Norio 15 October 2023 at 22:11 - Reply

    Thank you for uploading this music. I am no expert on music from Africa, but I love soukous, and I feel Tabu Ley is a deity! As Moos said, this release is halfway between concert and studio, as it was recorded, according to the liner notes, “with an audience of friends and invitees dancing and clapping in the minstrel gallery of Real World’s main studio.” As such, it gives a glimpse into what Tabu Ley and Afrisa International must have sounded like live. It’s wonderful to hear them start to groove about half-way into “Seli ja”. There is a nice version of “Nairobi” that got me dancing, although I preferred the slightly slower version on the Rounder release Africa Worldwide. That release has many gems, including the incomparable “Cafe Rica”. But Babeti Soukous has its moments too. I’m in the USA, and it’s a shame that there’s only (I think) five releases of his music on US labels.

  3. […] Babeti Soukous 1989 Mpeve Ya Longo, Rochereau vol. 7 1982 Rythme: Soum Geye 1980 Rochereau à l’Olympia vol. 2 1971 Seigneur Ley on Tour 1978 Tabu Ley lance Faya Tess 1987 Mbilia Bel et Rochereau, Contre Ma Volonté 1987 Mazé Le Seigneur Rochereau 1970 Belle Epoque vol. 2 1984 with Dechaud & Mizele, Merveilles du Passé 1963 1987 Rochereau à Abidjan vol. III 1980 Rochereau à Abidjan vol. II 1980 Rochereau à Abidjan vol. I 1980 with Depuissant, Dechaud, izedi & Mujos, Merveilles du Passé 1962 1963 1986 En Amour y a Pas de Calcul 1982 with African Fiesta National le Peuple Rochereau vol. 5 1982 Kwamy Nico Rochereau, Merveilles du Passé 1965 1984 with Afrisa International, african 360.127, Tabu Ley 1979 Rochereau à l’Olympia 1971 Nico, Rochereau & Izedi, Merveilles du Passé 1962 1963 1986 le Seigneur Rochereau, Sonafric 50 004 Tango Ya Ba Vieux Kalle no. 2 1969 african 360.040 1972 Rochereau vol. 6 1982 l’Afrique Danse no. 4 1969 dans la Musique Congolaise de Variétés 1970 with Pamelo Mounk’a & Mbilia Bel, 20 Ans de Carrière 1983 with Mbilia Bel, Eswi Yo Wapi 1983 with Sam Mangwana, Belle Epoque vol. IV 1985 with Sam Mangwana, Belle Epoque vol. III 1985 with Kalé & Ndombe Pépé Merveilles du Passé no. 4 1969 Rochereau vol. 4 1980 with l’Orchestre Afrisa 1973 Belle Epoque vol. 1 Rochereay Tabu ley, featuring Mbilia Bel 1984 with Franco, l’Evenement à Paris Tabu Ley in America 1984 African Fiesta, Music from Zaïre African Fiesta, Authenticité vol. 2 African Party vol. 1 1968 Michelino & Franco with Rochereau 1984 Succes d’Hier 1969 Tabu ley canta Nyboma 1986 Tabu ley & Orchestre Afrisa 1974 Mbilia Bel, Faux Pas 1983 Orchestre Afrisa International 1975 with Sam Mangwana, Mose-Konzo Mbilia Bel, Keyna/Cadence Mudanda 1984 Tabu Ley & Mbilia Bel, La Beauté d’une Femme 1985 Mbilia Bel, Beyanga 1987 Boybanda Michel with Tabu ley Mbilia Bel, Ba Gerants Ya Mabala 1984 Mbilia Bel, Boya Ye 1985 […]

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