February 3, 2023

Victor Caicedo y Los Bananeros de Urabá
La Limpia Salon
Candelazos Curro
Curro Fuentes y su Sonido 70 ‘en acordeon’
Philips 1970

In the great ‘Candelazos Curro’ series we find this album with
Victor Caicedo y Los Bananeros de Uraba today. La Limpia Salon
contains twelve songs in a distinct style of vallenato. Brightly
sung lyrics, great rhythms and nice jumpy basslines. Listen
to Victor with pleasure. Get it & Spread it !

In de serie ‘Candelazos Curro’ die ik hoog heb staan, vinden we
vandaag deze plaat met Victor Caicedo y Los Bananeros de Uraba.
La Limpia Salon bevat twaalf nummers in uitgesproken vallenato
stijl. Helder gezongen, dikke ritmes en lekker springende baslijntjes.
Luister wee met plezier en geef door aan je matties ..

Candelazos Curro
CC vol. 6
CC vol. 9
CC vol. 4
CC vol. 5
CC vol. 8

01 – Tu desprecio
02 – Napi
03 – La nefanda extinguida
04 – La limpia salon
05 – Mi pobre padre
06 – La concepción
07 – Es que no se
08 – No te vayas
09 – Tanto pensar en ti
10 – La bruja loca
11 – Me conformo
12 – Que piensas


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  1. jimmy baeck 4 February 2023 at 03:17 - Reply

    Hey Moos. Thanks for this fantastic music and for leaving the links to the other records in the ‘Sonora Curro’ series. I’ve just spent the last hour downloading and listening to some of them. My dog is looking very grumpy & impatient as this is the time we normally out for coffee and a walk. Sadly, he doesn’t share my enjoyment of Columbian music. Thanks once again for your generosity!

    • Moos 4 February 2023 at 08:08 - Reply

      aaah, poor doggy, haha, I recognize what
      you’re telling me, the music can capture
      me the same way. Our dog however doesn’t
      let me, he forces me to take him out .. ;-)

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