April 9, 2023

Ayinla Omowura and his Apala Group
Vol. 5, National Census 1973
EMI 1973

Ayinla Omowura was without any education, worked as
blacksmith, driver, butcher, carpenter and park boy when
he was discovered by Adewole Alao Oniluola, who later
became his lead drummer. Ayinla worked with his superior
Haruna Ishola and Ayinde Barrister among others. Read his
Wikipedia page for further information. This is his vol. 5,
National Census 1973, get it and spread it while you can ..


Eyin Ose’ Lu Wa
Nigeria Koni Baje
Ati d’Ariyo 1979
Omi Tuntun Tiru 1979
Volume 2 1971
Ire Wole De 1974
I.K. Dairo, Ayinla Omowura Remembered1980

01 – National census 1973
—- Owo ti baba se ti
—- Egbe ifelodun
—- Odowo ifa ejiogbe
—- Aiye nyi po
—- Jedijedi lonse won
02 – Asegbe
—- Salisu america
—- Egbe ilupeju
—-Adebayo omo ogundare
—- Alhaji obidairo
—- Olanrewaju ni ti



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