September 10, 2023

Canadoes II of Ghana
Ojikutu Records 1983

On the three albums we already saw with ‘Canadoes’,
they were called ‘Canadoes Super Stars of Ghana’, or
Canadoes, Super Stars Band of Ghana’. They were from
1980 and 1981. On this one from 1983 they are called
‘Canadoes II’, at first I was not sure if it concerns the
same group, but after checking Discogs, it seems it
does. One way or the other, superb Ghanaian highlife ..

Op de drie platen die we al zagen heetten ze ‘Canadoes
Super Stars of Ghana’ en Canadoes, Super Stars Band of
Ghana’. die waren uit 1980 en 1981. Op deze uit 1983
staan ze erop als ‘Canadoes II’, eerst twijfelde ik of het
dezelfde band betreft, maar na te checken op Discogs
was er geen twijfel. Hoe dan ook, Geweldig fijne
Ghanese highlife ..


Medowo 1980
Super Stars of Ghana 1980
Fine Woman 1981

01 – Okokuroko
02 – Let your yes be yes
03 – Okromfod
04 – Odo beba
05 – Madwuma yi nti


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  1. Kwabena Boakye 11 September 2023 at 20:26 - Reply

    Amazing guitar riffs from Canadoes, just what I expect from a Ghanaian band based in Nigeria. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jewel Ackah Jr. 12 September 2023 at 00:37 - Reply

    Glad to see the Ghanaian highlife albums back again, definitely one of the best albums from Canandoes. I think this is during the time when Canandoes left Rogers All Stars in Nigeria and went into the company Ojikutu Records. Love these Ghanaian highlife classics.

  3. Ian 23 September 2023 at 04:28 - Reply

    Great stuff again Moos. Many thanks

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