January 21, 2024

Miss Unidos
Voz de Cabo Verde 1973

From Cabo Verde we find this album with the late and
great singer Bana. His real name was Adriano Gonçalves.
Bana was born in Mindelo, Cabo Verde, but also lived in
Rotterdam, Paris and Lisbon for some time. He played
his roll in the discovery of Cesária Evora. Bana himself
was called the king of morna. Listen to
Miss Unidos from 1973 ..

Uit Cabo Verde vinden we vandaag dit album met de
‘late & great’ Bana. Zijn werkelijke naam was Adriano
Gonçalves. Bana werd geboren in Mindelo, Kaap Verdië,
maar woonde ook enige tijd in Rotterdam, Parijs en Lissabon.
Hij speelde een rol in de ontdekking van Cesária Evora die
optrad in zijn restaurant in Lissabon. Bana werd ook wel de
koning van de morna genoemd. Luister naar
Miss Unidos uit 1973 ..

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Teresa 1980
Nha Terra Cabo-Verde 1965
Voz de Cabo Verde, Partida 1967

01 – Badiu di fora
02 – Ramboia na toy bintim
03 – Miss unidos
04 –
05 – Maria barba
06 – Grito d’dor
07 – Corpim sabe
08 – Ta pinga tchape . tchape
09 – Storia d’nha vida
10 – Canetada


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  1. Anonymous 22 January 2024 at 16:28 - Reply

    Nice!!! Thnx!!!


    • Ian 25 January 2024 at 07:38 - Reply

      Mournful beautiful morna. Thanks for this Moos and the concert footage…must have been a wonderful evening.

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