Beth Carvalho – de pé no chao,RCA Victor 1978

One of Beth Carvalho’s finest recordings to my opinion,
it sounds clear and warm, an RCA Victor that deserves to be.
A real treasure for samba lovers.


1 Vou festejar
2 Visual
3 O Isaura
4 Marcando bobeira
5 Meu caminho
6 Goiabada-cascao
7 Você, eu e a orgia
8 Lenço
9 Passarinho
10 Linda borboleta
11 Que sejam bem-vindos
12 Agoniza mas nao morre


10 thoughts on “Beth Carvalho – de pé no chao,RCA Victor 1978

  1. In this album, Beth Carvalho worked with a very traditional group of samba. She meet these guys, and get loved with they style to make samba.

    The name of group is “Fundo de Quintal”. Beth help they to start a carreer with this album.

    They have more than 35 years dedicated for music and samba!

    It’s genuine brazilian music!!

    Ps: Sorry, my english is very bad!!

  2. Hey Moos! would you please put a new download link? The link seems to not be working… Please?!?!?! =D Thank you.

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