Angel Vasquez y su Conjunto – La Gustadera
Discos Fuentes 1970

Angel Vasquez, front

Today’s contribution concerns a recent discovery. I heard
this lp and fel in love with it straight away. The combination
of acordeon, the strong rhythms, it’s roughness is just so
sweet. Angel Vasquez’s raw voice captured me instantly.
It may sound silly but I also love the image of the frontsleeve,
the simplicity of a yellow background with picture and text,
plain, simple and uncomplicated, big letters, it’s goood.
All together, a happy post,
get it & spread it..


1 Sabalo caliente
2 Marucha
3 La gustadera
4 Fiestas cordobesas
5 Los sampayos
6 Chicha sabrosa
7 Chambacu
8 Pantalon caliente
9 El mosquito
10 El dia que te vi
11 Recuerdo al viento
12 Se atropella el castellano


11 thoughts on “Angel Vasquez y su Conjunto – La Gustadera
Discos Fuentes 1970

  1. Hi Moos<br />Another great recording. Globalgroove should be awarded World Heritage Site status!<br />Is there a problem with this download, I am getting a short and distorted version of Track 2 instead of Track 1.<br />Best wishes <br />Jazzy

  2. Amigo Moss, lo felicito y loadmiro por su pagina,ud consigue lo que nosotros en colombia no podemos, muchisimas gracias por compartirlo, un abrazo desde colombia y siga asi, que dios lo bendiga

  3. Hey Jazzy, you&#39;re right, there was something wrong with track #1, I replaced it so everything should be okay now, thanks for reporting,<br />cheers…

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  5. Hey Moos,this music should be played loud and I mean very loud indeed.<br />Globalgroove is already a world heritage site by my reckoning!!<br />Keep up the good work man!!<br />@KingHenry58

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