Diblo & Loketo – Super Soukous Shanachie 1989

Diblo, front

If you are going to have a newyear’s party, may I suggest
some hot 1989 dance material ? Diblo’s soukous jives like
no other, sparkling guitar work and bubbling basses, tight
rhythms, what else do you need ? His supergroup’s name,
‘Loketo’, means ‘move your hips’ in lingala and I promise,
that is something you won’t be able to avoid.
Get it and spread it …


1 Super K
2 Etoula
3 Amour et souvenir
4 Bolinga
5 Kelele


8 thoughts on “Diblo & Loketo – Super Soukous Shanachie 1989

  1. Thanks you very much for introducing me to a great musician like Diblo. I never knew who he was until I downloaded and played this album. Now I’m hooked and addicted. Thanks again.
    Please if you can find more of his albums, dont hesitate to share.

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