Plutarco Urrutia y su Conjunto – La Manguita
Carnaval 1979

Plutarco Urrutia, front

I just knew one song by this artist, it came from a Discos Fuentes
collector and is called ‘Esperando a Patricia’. You might have found
it on my Colompilation vol.5. The lp we have here today was found
for us in Cartagena by my friend Sanjay who brought us loads of
wonderful albums already, it came home with him recently.
It is one of the rarest lp’s at the GG and I’m proud to
bring to you today. So, do not hesitate if you like
Colombian music, get it & spread it..


1 El compae goyo
2 La viciosa
3 El sube y baja
4 Muchacha bonita
5 Hace tiempo
6 La manguita
7 Maria elena
8 Puente del amor
9 El toro cachon
10 Salsa y sabor


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Carnaval 1979

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