Orchestre les Djo-Djo
led by: Lusala – Mavungu
Establishment Bonne Musique 1978

Orchestre les Djo-Djo, front

Orchestre les Djo-Djo led by Lusala Mavungu.
Mavungu is Mavos Meme Mavungu who we know of Orchestre
Micky-Micky for instance. The label speaks of L. Magungu.
Is L. Magungu in fact Lusala Mavungu ? If anyone can
clear up this matter, please do not hesitate to leave
us a message. The lp is in lingala and label states
‘sukus’, certainly no hard soukous but very nice it is.
Get it and spread it like always..cheers..


1 Kenge ya libala
2 Nabukodonozor
3 Mata ndioku


7 thoughts on “Orchestre les Djo-Djo
led by: Lusala – Mavungu
Establishment Bonne Musique 1978

  1. Dear Moos, thank you very much for keeping this music alive. Franco and Dr Nico are personal favourites and I feel blessed to have stumbled on your superb collection. Best wishes, J.

  2. Hello Moos,
    Sure the music is soukous but not like the kind Kanda Bongoman and other contemporary one play.
    More positively it is from Kongo.
    Have great day.

    Thank you for all the energy to keep african and latino oldies alive.
    Thank for all the followers, I AM NOT ALONE TO APPRECIATE THE MUSIC

    Kago from Saguenay QC CA.

  3. That is DEFINITELY Mavos on there: Can recognize his voice and calls, and the guitar is very similar to Micky Micky on Koumbe. On the cover it says: “Led by Lusala—Mavungu,” and I think the dash in there indicates “Lusala AND Mavungu” as in last names of two different people.

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