Aires Vallenatos – Various Artists
Carnaval / Victoria 1973

Aires Vallenatos, front

On monday july 13 I posted ‘Sabor Costeño’, an album with
five artists of which we find back three today. This is an lp
with 6 artists on the same label and from one year earlier.
Heliodoro martinez is the guy that hit me the most with
his great voice. The others however do not disappoint
as well. Going to Colombia for some crate digging is
something I’ve got on top of my wishlist..


01 – Ciro Arroyo – El que la tenga que la goce
02 – Heliodoro Martinez – El pollo negro
03 – Alberto Montiel – Me esta dominando
04 – Ciro Arroyo – El viejito enamorado
05 – Heliodoro Martinez – La trampa
06 – Dario Carmaco – Charanga candela
07 – Heliodoro Martinez – El borracho
08 – Eligio Arroyo – Sapo con mucha pinta
09 – Dario Carmaco – Carta del pobre
10 – Heliodoro Martinez – Se daño mi suegra
11 – Alberto Montiel – Entristecido
12 – Pedro Nel perez – Adios 20 de enero


4 thoughts on “Aires Vallenatos – Various Artists
Carnaval / Victoria 1973

  1. thats funny…..since i have encountered so many great Colombian music through GG, i was thinking the same thing –> going over there and enjoy musica sabroso!!!!

  2. Excelente, gracias por poner en practica el bello arte de COMPARTIR sin esperar nada a cambio. Siga siempre adelante.

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