Miguel Duran vol. 5
Grito Campesino
Victoria 1974

Miguel Duran, front

Hello, goodmorning, One of the best vallenato tracks I ever heard
was without doubt ‘India Matea’ by Miguel Duran. The album which
contains it is still on my most wanted list though. If you want to hear
it, you can find it on the lp ‘Fiesta Vallenata’ obtainable at this page.
For now, we’ve got us another record by Miguel Duran, it is from ’74
and appears on Victoria. Jivin’ rhythms and squeezebox ..guepa je..


01 – Kilometro 15
02 – Tu cumpleaƱos
03 – Grito campesino
04 – La medicina
05 – ContestaciĆ³n a tres mujeres
06 – El resentido
07 – Mi negra
08 – El caso de miguel
09 – Lo que te pido
10 – Como hare para olvidar
11 – Puya na’ma
12 – Ni luto ni flores


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Grito Campesino
Victoria 1974

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