Almanaque Musical Costeño vol. II
– Various Artists, Discos Fuentes

Almanaque, front

Fuentes label

Lately I’m so captured by vallenato that cumbia, gaita and
porro got neclected for a while. Let’s make up for the hiatus
and bring you a collector of coastal songs from the seventies.
It’s a thick slice of vinyl with the old yellow label just the way
we like’m best. This copy concerns a Venezuelan release, it
does not give a year however, if you should know please tell
us too. A variety of styles passes by, give
it a try and get it now..


01 – Los Corraleros de Majagual – La javillita
02 – Coca y sus Exploradores – Fuego
03 – Los Candelosos – Cumbia jala
04 – Peregoyo y su Combo Vacana – La vaca loca
05 – Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros – A goza la gaita
06 – Los Golden Boys – Sapo pepon
07 – Los Teenagers – Me lo prohibio el doctor
08 – Los Golden Boys – El pompo de las vocales
09 – Coca y sus Exploradores – Pa bailar
10 – Carlos Martelo y su Orquesta – La lagartija
11 – Julio Erazo y sus Guamaleros – Tana
12 – Calixto Ochoa y su Conjunto – Los sabanales


7 thoughts on “Almanaque Musical Costeño vol. II
– Various Artists, Discos Fuentes

  1. Gracias Moss excelente y sigue con la cumbia la gaita y porro esa musica colombiana es dinamita pura muchas gracias y saludos

  2. Thank you for this. I always love Peregoyo, my favorite from Colombia. I heard from an old timer in Brooklyn that he became a school teacher in his hometown.

  3. The tracks by Coca Y Sus Exploradores also appear on his self-titled album from 1966, which was released in The Bronx, NY by Maseda Records and in Colombia by Discos Fuentes. That means this sampler is also likely from 1966, and seems to be an update of an earlier D.F. series with the same name and theme.

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