Léopards et Ry-Co Jazz
Festival Musical a Paris
Antilles Disques 1973

Leopards et Ryco, voorkant

Van de Franse Antillen komen deze twee bands. Les Leopards en
Ry-Co Jazz uit Martinique. Zij spelen compas, cadence, biguine,
rumba en tumbele, mazurka en rempa doen ze ook. Vandaag in
elk geval de eerste drie. Luister met plezier..
zie ook http://www.globalgroovers.com/2014/01/ryco-jazz-fantastique-ryco-jazz-hit.html

from the French Antilles we’ve got these two bands. Les Léopards
and Ry-Co Jazz from Martinique. They play compas, cadence, biguine,
rumba and tumbele, mazurka and rempa they do too. In any case the first
three on today’s menu, enjoy listening..
also see http://www.globalgroovers.com/2014/01/ryco-jazz-fantastique-ryco-jazz-hit.html

01 – Les Léopards – Ayen pa change
02 – Les Léopards – Titiri
03 – Les Léopards – Toi et moi
04 – Les Léopards – Bourrico
05 – Ry-Co Jazz – Rouler Tonner
06 – Ry-Co Jazz – Si madame
07 – Ry-Co Jazz – Africa reggee
08 – Ry-Co Jazz – Bo na ne


5 thoughts on “Léopards et Ry-Co Jazz
Festival Musical a Paris
Antilles Disques 1973

  1. Do not Ry-co Jazz come from the DRCongo, or is this another lot?
    Ry-co Jazz – Jerry Malekani (guitar), Freddy N’KounKou (vocals), M’Bilia Casino (congas, vocals), Pierre N’Dinga (guitar), Panda Gracia (bass), Fidel Bateke (clarinet), Jean Serge Essous (saxophone), Chico Gelman (keyboards).

    (Not skylarking this time)

    • Ry-Co Jazz from Congo (Brazzaville). They visited the Caribbean in the 60s and again in the 70s. Their music is said to have had an enormous influence upon the development of modern Antillean music.

  2. If memory serves Ry-co did do some cross-over stuff with French Caribbean, both francophone of course, they have elsewhere a wonderful track, if only for the title, ‘Tu bois beaucoup’.

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