Trio Ce.Pa.Kos, Orchestre le Peuple
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

Cepakos, voorkant

Ze smaken zoals ze kraken..
Bij het zien van een jaren 70 Congolese elpee op Pathé Marconi
gaat het hart direkt wat sneller kloppen. Dit is er zo eentje. Wat
een prachtige plaat weer. Kouka Celio, Pamelo Mounk’a en Kosmos
Moutouari vormden deze band. Al hun albums trekken enthousiaste
luisteraars en deze zal daarop geen uitzondering vormen, hoor zelf..

Finding a seventies Congolese album on the Pathé Marconi label
makes the heart beat faster. This one is such a record. What a
beauty it is. Kouka Celio, Pamelo Mounk’a and Kosmos Moutouari
are the guys who formed this band. Their elpees always generate
an enthousiastic public and this one will surely do too, listen.
..recorded by the fireside..crackle & pop..

titels ;

01 – Sonia
02 – Tango ya la vie
03 – Mena
04 – Circulaire
05 – Malata
06 – M’boka mboka


7 thoughts on “Trio Ce.Pa.Kos, Orchestre le Peuple
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

  1. Thank you Moos,

    have been looking for this one for some time. From the Matrix number this is likely from 1977

  2. Thanks for posting this gem;despite the pops and crackle, I agree with you that it s such a beauty. Please post more of this kind of DRC music, whenever you can.

  3. Love it. Where do you find this stuff,Moos? I must come to A’dam to experience one of your dancing nights. This great! Thanks mate and I didn’t downloaded it yet. But this night I will be in for a treat. Rik

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