Kiland & Orchestre Mabatalai, Orchestre Mokito
Zaïre Promotion 2000 vol. 1
ZP 2000


it took a while but I think we finally have Zaïre Promotion vol. 1 today.
Kiland and Orchestre Mabatalai bring us this delightful album, I really
enjoy listening and hope you will as well, get it and spread it..
By the way, track two on both sides is with Orchestre Mokito.

We hadden reeds drie platen van deze man, Kiland en zijn Orchestre
Mabatalai twee maal, en met Orchestre Mokito één maal. Het heeft
even geduurd om dit eerste volume te vinden maar op de laatste
beurs in Utrecht was het dan toch eindelijk zover. Altijd een heerlijk
moment om tegen zo’n juweeltje aan te lopen, luister maar snel..
Het tweede nummer op beide zijden is overigens met Orch. Mokito.

tracks ;

01 – Dernier voyage nassali pt.1
02 – Sepela na mokito pt.1
03 – Mama kadi pt.1
04 – Dernier voyage nassali pt.2
—– Sepela na mokito pt.2
—– Mama kadi pt.2


10 thoughts on “Kiland & Orchestre Mabatalai, Orchestre Mokito
Zaïre Promotion 2000 vol. 1
ZP 2000

  1. Thanks, Moos.

    Just a quick question: what was the reasoning behind banding “part 1″ and part 2” of a song on these LPs with another song between them? After all, they were flip sides of the same single when released. It doesn’t appear to make much sense, at least on the surface.

    • I totally agree and was wondering the same thing. At first I thought well okay we can play parts one
      and two behind eachother but then b-side appeared as one big puzzled me as well..

  2. Hi Moos. Thank you for posting this hot Lp. don’t worry for the partitions. The music is here and what we have to do is: Enjoy. That’s all.

  3. No one’s worried about anything. 🙂 But there’s also no reason to avoid *wondering* about why two halves of a song were separated by another.

    Each to their own.

  4. Music joins us all, Moos. And the more of that we share, the better a world we’ll have. Thanks for all you’ve done along these lines!

  5. Thanks for the great music. I even thought about the side splitting of the part 1 and 2.
    Analyzing the side B with Audacity I saw four (4) songs, not 3 as mentioned on the track list. Hmm, I wonder.

    • Hey LeFranck, that’s funny..and strange of course.
      Did you manage to split b-side..? ..must be interesting to listen
      to parts one and two behind each other..

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