the Best of Lokassa ya M’Bongo
Flash Productions 1983


One of Congos best guitarists of all time is Lokassa ya M’bongo.
This is his Best of.. album from 1983. Asi Kapela does vocals
like on other albums, Ringo Moya on drums..enjoy.
btw, Lokassa called this album ‘M’ , all titles start with M..

Een van Congo’s beste gitaristen is zonder twijfel Lokassa ya
M’Bongo. Vandaag hebben we zijn ‘Best of..’ album. Asi Kapela
doet de vokalen, Ringo Moya op drums..veel luisterplezier.
nota bene, Lokassa noemt dit album ‘M’ alle titels beginnen
met een M..

tracks ;

01 – Massaba
02 – Marcelline
03 – Maima
04 – M’Banda ya secours


10 thoughts on “the Best of Lokassa ya M’Bongo
Flash Productions 1983

  1. When I was first getting into Congolese music, I saw Lokassa ya M’Bongo’s name pop up alot, but he didn’t really stand out because he’s generally a rhythm guitarist. But after a while you realise why he’s so prolific – everything he plays in feels really carefully put together and just flows well.

    Just to do a bit of an outline of his history – he was in Tabu Ley’s Afrisa International for basically a decade from the late 60s, spent a couple of years with the Ivory Coast based African All Stars (Sam Mangwana), then to Paris where he had a few of his own albums (like this), supported some others (I particularly love his work with Nyboma and Pepe Kalle), and then later in the 80s founded the Soukous Stars.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Hey Moos. Thanks for this amazing LP by Lokassa. I truly enjoyed it especially Masseba with Ask Kapela on lead. I would like to ask you if you have by any chance L’Amour et La Danse by Pamelo Mounk’a and Les Bantous. I believe it was one of his last albums before he left the band for good in 1988 due to his illness.

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