Anibal Velasquez – Tremenda Salsa
Discos Fuentes 1970

Anibal Velasquez is a Colombian composer and musician with
a career that spans over sixty years. He was the hit of Colombia’s
50’s and 60’s. The album we’ve got for you today is from 1970, 50
years of age and still very hot. Anibal was hospitalized last year
with a severe lung infection, let’s hope he’s doing better
today. Listen and enjoy Anibal’s tremenda salsa ..

El Rey del Acordeon Colombiano 1977
Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto
el Ritmo y el Sabor 1978
Golpe Currambero
Lo Ultimo
.. y su Conjunto
with Los Curramberos de Guayabal
Tirando Exitos
Los Ases del Ritmo, Costa Brava
Anibal ‘Sensación Velasquez

01 – Que paso
02 – Te vi venir
03 – Mirala
04 – Las bodas
05 – Descargate nicolas
06 – Se daño la bandera
07 – Santo amor
08 – El gato de anita


8 thoughts on “Anibal Velasquez – Tremenda Salsa
Discos Fuentes 1970

  1. Hey Moos, by any chance, do you have (or can you get) copies of the 1995 Tanz und Folkfestival Rudolstadt (Germany) performances of AFRICAN AXEMEN and MUSIC YE AFRICA? Both of them had self-titled cassettes available at that time, and the shows have been broadcast on WDR Radio (Germany). I unfortunately lost the cassettes and the radio shows about 17 years ago and miss them since. Any help to get those back again is highly appreciated. If those bands had later releases too, I`m also interested in those. Thanks so much in advance. Pete

  2. Moos, sorry for bothering with another “stupid” question … do you have any Live recordings (I mean those homemade ones, recorded from Radio or Concerts, or video recordings from TV)? If so, kindly share them with us. Thanks in advance.

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