February 15, 2014

Les Bantous de la Capitale – “Hommage a Mujos”, Pathé Marconi 1978

Les Bantous de la Capitale, front

An lp from the seventies, Congolese on Pathé Marconi,
what’s the chance we won’t like it ? Very small indeed.
This one was first released in 1964 and re-released in
1978. Some of the tracks towards the end sound quite
dusty without any traces of being played a whole lot.
It seems they took the tracks from lp instead of from
the mothertapes. One way or the other,
as far as I’m concerned, 17
songs to lick your lips with,
Get it & Spread it.


1 Mbanda tolinga tomeka
2 Na zonga na motema
3 Na’ sombela yo eva
4 Tout brazza
5 Evolution merengue
6 Jalousie na nini
7 Destino
8 Na lembi bipale
9 Ah! que pena
10 Yambi cherie
11 Pa’vacillar
12 Brazza mbok’etumba
13 En diable merengue
14 Fatou akamue
15 Padrona de la musica
16 Una noche
17 Luiza


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