March 26, 2015

Lito Barrientos y su Orquesta –
Very Very Well, Discos Fuentes

Lito Barrientos, front

Hello good morning, we are lucky to find a sunny day this
morning, spring is about to begin in the Netherlands and
that’s always a very nice time of year. The magnolia in my
frontgarden is almost bursting open, something we wait for
all year. Sunny weather asks for sunny music, let’s see..

This is the first appearance of Lito Barrientos at this page
and it contains some fine tunes. It brings songs in various
styles like cumbia, bomba, charanga, corrido and porro.
A typical slice of tropical Colombian sweetness, complete
with ‘mosaíco’, a range of songs melted together at the
end of the album. Get it now and listen yourself..


01 – Caracol
02 – Ya voy toño
03 – Cumbia que te vas de ronda
04 – Rubiela
05 – Cumbia en do menor
06 – Charanga pa gozar
07 – Cumbia costeña
08 – Kijis konar
09 – A tu vera
– La india motilona
– Very very well
– Despeinada
– Festival en guarare
– La mafafa
– La sampa
– Negrito tapetuza


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  1. el profe 2 April 2015 at 21:22 - Reply

    wow, this is really a hell of a recording ! everyone knows cumbia en do menor, but there are plenty of unknown heavy smokers here ! thanks for sharing amigo, keep on with those killah’cumbias!!!!!

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