August 21, 2021

Orchestre Mando Negro Kwala Kwa
Les Grands Succès Africains vol. 1
Pathé Marconi EMI 1974

We had them on several occasions, Orchestre Mando Negro
Kwala Kwa. In the ‘Grands Succès Africains’ series we also had
several albums. I placed the links below as usual. On the great
Pathé Marconi label and from 1974 ..

Orchestre Mando Negro, Discogs
Les Grands Succès Africains, Discogs

Seven 7″ from Congo vol. 3
Seven 7″ from Congo vol. 5
Hit Parade Africain vol. 3 1973
Stars of Zaïre Verse Two 1977
l’Afrique Danse 1973
Holiday in Afrika

Les Bantous, Les Grands Succès Africains vol. 3 1975
Passy Mermans, Les Grands Succès Africains vol. 6 1976
African Kings au Gabon, Les Grands Succès Africains vol. 8 1977

01 – Voiture ya occasion
02 – Matumoli
03 – Melanie
04 – Anantso
05 – Massamba m.j.
06 – Akam-amifirme
07 – Milangi
08 – Regine


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  1. PeterK 22 August 2021 at 20:29 - Reply

    Yes, I do love them – many thanks for this one.

  2. Anonymous 23 August 2021 at 11:38 - Reply

    In answer to my own question, after only a couple of minutes of light digging on the web, Kounkou Ignace who wrote track #2 on this LP, is a.k.a. Master Mwana Congo. So it’s safe to assume he’s playing lead guitar on this album. I didn’t know what a superb player he was, or what a superb band Mando Negro Kwala-Kwa were. Thanks for spreading the sounds, Moos. All the best. mamboPete

  3. Ian Franey 23 August 2021 at 23:47 - Reply

    I have yet to give it the listen it deserves but certainly pleasantly delighted after a quick spin. Very nice to have the first volume of these releases. Thanks a bunch Moos!

  4. Ian Franey 24 August 2021 at 04:16 - Reply

    I think this sounds as fresh as the day it was recorded and it would still rock any dance floor anywhere. It took nearly 50 years for these ears to hear it and it’s about time. It reminds me of the vintage material of the legends rochereau, Franco, verckys, Nico etc. Excellent. Also a good opportunity to revisit the passy mermans post. Cheers

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