October 1, 2023

du Grand Père Bozi Boziana
Hommage à Franco
Rythmes & Musique 1990

Le Grand Maître Franco Luambo Makiadi passed in 1989.
In 1990 le Grand Père Bozi Boziana and his group Anti-Choc
released this hommage. Quite different from Franco’s sound,
but an absolute delightful album. I’m so sorry I don’t understand
Lingala, I’d love to know the words in ‘Hommage à Franco’.
Maybe someone can translate for us .. enjoy listening ..

De grote meester Franco Luambo Makiadi stierf in 1989.
In 1990 lanceerde le Grand Père Bozi Boziana en zijn groep
Anti-Choc dit eerbetoon aan Franco. Nogal een ander geluid
dan dat van Franco, maar een absolute aanrader. Het is jammer
dat ik geen lingala versta, had graag de tekst in ‘Hommage à Franco’
begrepen. Misschien kan iemand het voor ons vertalen ..


Concert à la Mutualité de Paris 1990
La Guerre des Stars 1985
le Grand Père Bozi Boziana 1986
Zongela-Ngai 1989

01 – Alandaki lokotro
02 – Hypocrisie
03 – Hommage à franco
04 – Pleurs du soir


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  1. Anonymous 1 October 2023 at 14:13 - Reply

    There is a Lingala translator online:
    I haven’t tried it yet.

    Thanks for the music Moos!

  2. Stefano 2 October 2023 at 16:10 - Reply

    As far as I’m concerned, any help and/or reporting on the lyrics of African records is welcome, I’d be very curious!

  3. Stefano 2 October 2023 at 16:12 - Reply

    Hi Moos, how are you?
    During the pandemic, taken a bit by the global discouragement, I had lost sight of your blog a bit, thanks to the fact that you were posting re-posts or new wave things that I already knew (I think we are around the same age) and strange 60s/70s things that I wouldn’t have expected from you (Captain Beefheart? Wow)
    Lately I’ve had a flashback to African music (discovered thanks to you and Jillem, thank you both so much!) and I’m catching up on like 3 years of blogging (3 years! Someone will pay for this, I think).
    As I scroll through your menu I can’t help but thank you again for the treasures you give us… I would love to be able to reciprocate in some way one day… who knows, life is strange.
    In addition to the guys who burn your gifts for Amazon, I also wanted to point out a site, Afrosunny, which I wouldn’t want to do the same with paid digital downloads… oh well
    I close by saying that I usually focus on African music posts, leaving out South America (a little too “dance” for me), but if by chance you – or some other user – had a TOP 10/20 of albums to recommend to me among those posted by you….thanks in advance
    Sorry for the translator :-P
    Cheers from Italy !

  4. Ian 5 October 2023 at 02:59 - Reply

    Another delicious slice of aural pleasure. Many thanks as always for posting these gems.

  5. ians 6 October 2023 at 19:24 - Reply

    Excellent post, many thanks

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