Simba Wanyika Original – Baba Asiya
The African Music Gallery 1986

Tanzanian brothers Wilson and George Kinyonga formed
Orchestra Simba Wanyika in 1971. Earlier they worked under
the name Arusha Jazz with third brother William. The group
had several offshoots like Les Wanyika, Super Wanyika Stars
and others. They used the name Simba Wanyika Original to
ensure this was the first and original Simba Wanyika. Their
guitar driven sound was inspired by Dr. Nico and they combined
highly melodic rumba with Swahili lyrics. Simba Wa Nyika
means ‘Lions of the Savannah’. Infectious East African
candy you don’t want to miss, get it and spread it ..

De Tanzaniaanse broers Wilson en George Kinyonga vormden
Orchestra Simba Wanyika in 1971. Daarvoor werkten ze onder
de naam Arusha Jazz met derde broer William. De band had
diverse ‘offshoots’ zoals onder andere Les Wanyika en Super
Wanyika Stars. Ze gebruikten de naam Simba Wanyika Original
om duidelijk te maken dat dit de eerste en originele Simba
Wanyika betrof. Hun gitaar gedreven geluid was geïnspireerd
door Dr. Nico en ze combineerden zeer melodische rumba met
Swahili lyrics. Simba Wa Nyika betekent ‘Leeuwen van de
Savannah’. Aanstekelijk Oost Afrikaans snoepgoed dat je
zeker niet wilt missen. Haal binnen en deel ..

Arusha Jazz at Holland Tunnel Dive
Muziki Wa Dansi

01 – Baba asiya
02 – Marceline #2
03 – Tushirikiane
04 – Hasira hasara


5 thoughts on “Simba Wanyika Original – Baba Asiya
The African Music Gallery 1986

  1. Many thanks for this Moos. At last I can listen to this LP in good quality audio. I LOVE this album – I’d go so far as to say as to say it’s one of the greatest LPs ever made, and as you know there are lots to choose from! The Kinyonga brothers were at the height of their powers when this was recorded. They both died in the mid-90s I think, and it makes me a little sad that they never really achieved the international appreciation they deserved. And that people nowadays confuse all the other Wanyika bands from East Africa with each other – these guys were the ORIGINAL Simba Wanyika, and the others were just imitations, often very good but never anywhere near as good, using the name to grab some of the glory. I hope that anyone who listens to this music will appreciate how incredible it is. Thanks again Moos. mamboPete

    • Thank you Mambo, I absolutely agree that this is a
      tremendous album. I hope to find their other work some day.
      I found this record on a city trip just recently.
      very nice indeed ..

  2. good morning Moos, thanks again for this great LP, may I help a bit on the history of this two brothers {George & Wilson Peter Kisaka} I had the good fortune of leaving as neighbours with them here in Nairobi, and attending their shows though I was much younger than them. The name KINYONGA (which in kiswahili means CHAMELION) was just a nickname for Wilson, and ONLY HIM. it did not include his siblings George and William. Most people even some great muziki wa dansi collectors and reseachers mistake this fact. Their family name is KISAKA. Their father was known as PETER KISAKA KELEKEZI. Wilson was born in 1947 and passed on in August 1995. George 1950 to Dec. 25 1992.

    • Wonderful to hear a neighbour of these great artists Gabriel.
      I’ll leave my article as it was, people must learn this from
      your comment I think. I only found the information online.
      Funny also to find out Kinyonga means chamelion and their
      real name was Kisaka. Shame they died so very young.
      very pleased to meet and hear you Gabriel, thank you for
      your decent feedback. 😉 😉 😉

  3. Nice to hear this gem in pristine condition. Mine is fairly warped but I still couldn’t return it to the store as it’s a rarity on Canada’s west coast and you must take it or leave it. Thanks must go out also to the two informative replies; looks like a unanimous decision!

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