October 19, 2020

Los Corraleros de Majagual – “Síguela, Síguela”
Discos Fuentes 1967 (1977)

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That ‘Los Corraleros de Majagual’ album of yesterday alone
was already downloaded hundreds of times. I guess it is time
to catch up with some of their older records. I’ve got a bunch
of them waiting, let’s see ..
This one is from 1967 and contains some of their greatest
songs ever. A few of them have appeared here on earlier
occasions but we also find songs that we didn’t have yet.
Tropical de Colombia like Paseaíto, Pompo, Pasaje,
Charanga, Son and Bolero, enjoy listening ..

In 1977 the album was re-released. On this re-issue two
songs were replaced. ‘Hay que gozar’ and ‘Mejor que te vayas’
were replaced by ‘Sarita’ and ‘La minifalda’. I have added Sarita
as bonustrack. ( see other picture, also in the file)

With Eliseo Herrera, Lisandro Mesa, Julio Erazo,
Calixto Ochoa, César Castro & Tony Zuñiga ..

Síguela, Síguela (1967)
Síguela, Síguela (1977)

01 – La yerbita
02 – Síguela, síguela
03 – Hace un mes
04 – Ritmo de juventud
05 – El mechón
06 – Estás picao
07 – La burrita de eliseo
08 – Yo no la suelto
09 – El conjunto loco
10 – Hay que gozar
11 – Mejor que te vayas
12 – El arroyito

bonus track;

13 – Sarita


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