October 31, 2014

Los Corraleros – Ritmo de Colombia
Discos Fuentes 1968

Los Corraleros, front

Los Corraleros, label

What can I say ? You know I’m a lover of this type of
music. I could keep annoying you with superlatives
concerning this album but I really think it’s best if you
listen first and make up your own mind about it. Can
you tell us who you see on the frontsleeve ? I am sure
about two or three myself, how many do you know ?
By the way, this is an original old yellow Fuentes
label on a very thick and heavy slice of vinyl, wow..


1 Casi nada, Eliseo Herrera
2 Busca tu hueco, Tony Zúñiga
3 Charanga costeña, Calixto Ochoa
4 Baila mi boogaloo, Lisandro Meza
5 La que a ti te gusta, Julio Erazo
6 Compae tomas, instrumental
7 Ritmo de colombia, Manuel Cervantes
8 Pompo manteca, Tony Zúñiga
9 La pintosa, Lisandro Meza
10 Duermete niño, Chico Cervantes
11 Gorrero pechugon, Julio Erazo
12 El espejo del chinito, Calixto Ochoa



  1. Fabian (Africolombia) 31 October 2014 at 14:57 - Reply

    Que Viva!!! la música Colombiana Nojoda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Matt 1 November 2014 at 16:18 - Reply

    Thank you DJ Moos! This is really great & is brightening an otherwise gray day.

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