Carlos Lyra – Bossa Nova, Philips 1959



It’s purely coincidental this LP also shows a photo of the artist
with a burning cigarette. I was not looking for it, but when I
was ripping it I found out. I must say, it didn’t harm
Carlos Lyra’s voice aswell.

Some two years ago I first got aquainted with the phenomena
of ‘Music Blogs’. It was because a friend pointed me the great
Loronix, the best blog on the web when it concerns Brazilian
music. I got hooked to visiting the Great Zeca Louro’s Loronix
and did not start one day without going there. Zeca, I want to
dedicate this album to you, without you I would not even know
about Carlos Lyra’s existence. Thank you so much for showing me
all that wonderful music, Loronix is not just a music blog,
it is a ‘Bossa Nova Institution’ and my great example !
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Carlos Lyra is one of the inventors of Bossa Nova, he was one
of the first to record a Bossa Nova album. Several of the songs
he wrote and co-wrote with for instance Vinicius de Moraes
became Bossa Nova standards later. A song like ‘Maria Ninguém’
was interpreted by practically every Brazilian musician.
Enjoy the Bossa Nova of Carlos Lyra.


1 Chora tua tristeza
2 Ciume
3 Barquinho de papel
4 Rapaz de bem
5 Só mesmo do amor
6 Gosto de você
7 Quando chegares
8 Maria Ninguém
9 Cançao do olhar amado
10 O bem do amor
11 Menina
12 Sem saudade de você