Lucho Campillo y su Combo Los Marinos
Más Éxitos de Lucho Campillo,

Lucho Campillo, front

Lucho Campillo is the man behind this group called
Combo Los Marinos. Singers are Juan de la Cruz Piña,
Diochy, Jairo Mercado, Policarpo Calle and off course
Lucho Campillo himself. If any one can tell us from
what year this album comes, please do. I think Lucho’s
songs have something different somehow, they sound
fresh, original and delicious. Forget about the girl on
the sleeve and focus on the music, let’s listen
and maybe do a little dancing too..


1 Bella del monte
2 Ramita de cafe
3 Carretilla
4 Morrosquillera
5 Que mala fama
6 Bollo dulce colao
7 Lorito trepa
8 Magdalena
9 Ven
10 Ya te conozco
11 Vilma
12 Que bien se ven