Los Ases del Ritmo – Costa Brava vol.1

Ases del Ritmo, front

Goodmorning groovers, I have another appointment with one
of our contributors today, Sanjay is the man that brings us
these killer Colombian lp’s. Costa Brava vol.1 is such an
album. ( nothing to do with the Spanish costa brava ) It
contains songs by three great musicians to my opinion.
Anibal Velasquez is the most famous of the three but
Aniceto Molina and José Velasquez are not to be under-
estimated as well. There’s one cumbia track and futher we
find paseo, pase-goajiro, paseito, pasebol, rumba, guaracha
and merengue-joropo, all happy Colombian styles.
Very enjoyable stuff you’d better not miss..


1 Anibal Velasques – Caruya’
2 Anibal Velasquez – Mi destino
3 Aniceto Molina – El bailarin
4 José Velasquez – Juanita
5 Aniceto Molina – Mayo
6 Anibal Velasquez – Yolanda
7 José Velasquez – Caracol
8 Anibal Velasquez – Beso pagado
9 Aniceto Molina – Maria elisa
10 Anibal Velasquez – Dejala que sufra
11 Anibal Velasquez – En brazos de otro
12 Aniceto Molina – Nos vamos