Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná
Mi Buenaventura, Discos Fuentes

Peregoyo, front

Peregoyo, back

Fuentes label

afrosound of colombia vol. 2

One of my friends gave me a present that made me very
happy. It is volume 2 of “The Afrosound of Colombia” which
appeared on Vampi Soul recently ( small pic ). It contains
songs by various artists of Colombian origin, all great stuff.
Track #4 of the compi is a song that comes from this here
album by Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná. It’s called ‘Sabor
de Vacaná’. I was quite sure I posted it already quite some
time ago but just maybe I’m mistaking. One way or the
other, it is about time I bring you this absolute treasure
you would not want to miss. Peregoyo’s music is
something different, styles like currulao, abozao
chocoano, aguabajo I never heard anybody else
play. Bomba, porro cumbia, porro, descarga,
guaracha and son montuno are more
familiar to us. Get it, spread it,
listen and enjoy !


1 Rio de juaji ( caldo de piangua )
2 La palma de chontaduro
3 Asi es mi tierra
4 Mi buenaventura
5 Descarga vacaná
6 La pluma
7 Ola de agua
8 Chechudino
9 Martha cecilia
10 El canalete
11 Sabor de vacaná


Que Siga el Baile – Various Artists
Regis / Victoria R-3062

Que Siga el Baile, front

Good morning groovers, I wasn’t able to see downloadnumbers exactly
as they are since the new page has come active. My engineers have
made it possible now and I must say it brought me some pleasant
surprises. For example, I did not expect Ases del Ritmo in our top 10,
same thing counts for Global Sampler vol. 43. It is on number 14, not
bad at all. The numbers give me an awesome insight on what’s most
popular here at the GG. I always figured that the albums that gained
the most comments were also the most downloaded ones but that
isn’t the case at all. This information is very valuable to me, it
helps me determine what to post.So lovers of Colombian music,
I am happy to see so many downloads in this section.
Enjoy this fine collector which contains
a number of great songs.


1 Policarpo Calle – Solo fui el varon
2 Marciano Torres – La visita
3 Policarpo Calle – El tutumbao
4 Diego Espinoza – Que siga el baile
5 Marciano Torres – Bailala mayo
6 Miguel Duran – Pachanguera del sinu
7 Marciano Torres – La verdolaga
8 Policarpo Calle – Mi canoita
9 Diego Espinoza – La coronela
10 Policarpo Calle – Tierra adentro
11 Marciano Torres – El gallito
12 Miguel Duran – Abajo del platanal


Joseito Mateo – Pa’ lante y pa’ trás, Discos Fuentes

This is one of the greatest Merengue singers and he comes
out on one of the greatest labels. Discos Fuentes de Medellin
Colombia brought out many albums by greats like Joseito Mateo.
Very hard to find some good background information.
Merengue like it’s meant to be.


1 La secretaria
2 La yerbita
3 Quisqueya
4 Merengue yeye
5 La justicia
6 Picolina
7 Pa’ lante y pa’ trás
8 La fiesta de los monos
9 Festival de merengues
10 Agarralo que eso es tuyo
11 Un domingo sin ti