E.T. Mensah and his Tempos Band
Mensah’s African Rhythms
Decca West Africa 1969

E.T. Mensah, front

This lp on Decca West Africa is from 1969. It managed to
remain fully intact for 45 years and plays just wonderful.
Trumpeteer E.T. Mensah’s and his Tempos Band played in
various styles, but the traditionals, calypsos and even
soul takes come with highlife toppings. Highlife is his
main thing but E.T. Mensah loved to broaden his horizons.
On this album he gives us some examples of that very
appreciated variety. Get it, spread it
and give it a spin..


1 Medzi medzi
2 Abodzin
3 Daavi loloto
4 Save me
5 Bibiara wone bre
6 Mee bei obaaba
7 205
8 Kaa no wa
9 Señorita
10 Gbee bleo
11 Day by day
12 1914