Mavos Mémé Mavungu présente
Micky Micky 80
et la Nouvelle Danse, Prends Ça
Editions Ngnassi NSI 004

It’s been a long time since we had us an album with this guy.
Mavos Mémé Mavungu and his Orchestre Micky Micky passed
by on several earlier occasions. We heard him with the African
All Stars, with Orchestre Les Djo-Djo and with Orchestre Micky
Micky. Today’s entry is one without a year of release, the title
Micky Micky 80 may suggest it is from 1980 though.
If you know, please tell us. On Editions Ngnassi
from Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire ..

Het is alweer een tijd geleden dat we deze man hier zagen.
Mavos Mémé Mavungu en zijn Orchestre Micky Micky kwam
reeds op diverse gelegenheden langs. We hoorden hem met
de African All Stars, met Orchestre Les Djo-Djo en met Orchestre
Micky Micky. De plaat van vandaag is er een zonder jaar van
uitgifte, de titel Micky Micky 80 zou kunnen betekenen dat
hij uit 1980 komt. Als je’t weet, vertel het ons dan ook s.v.p.
Op Editions Ngnassi uit Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire ..


African All Stars, Les Champions 1977
Orchestre Les Djo-Djo 1978
Orchestre Micky Micky 1979
Mavos Mavungu et le Micky-Micky, Bandumba Sex
Mavos Mavoungou Gaby 1977


Lassissi presents
Monguito el Unico and his All Star Band
Algo Diferente, Sacodis 1980

According to the little survey I kept, it appears over 70% of our
visitors prefer to find African music and a good second with over 40%
is in for latin. Of the other styles I gave as an option 23% likes calypso,
26% digs reggae and only 15% can appreciate some samba.

From 1980 this is a classic album on Sacodis. Lassissi presents
Monguito el Unico and his All Star Band. Monguito has a unique voice
indeed, I even like his version of ‘Mi guajira’, a song recorded way too often.
Monguito is ‘algo diferente’, something else!


1 Con todo el corazon
2 Suavesito
3 Los problemas de pantaleon
4 Mi guajira
5 Vuela la paloma
6 Palo de caña