African Brothers Band International
Afrohili Soundz, Ambassador 1973

African Brothers, front, cd size

Nana Kwame Ampadu I was the leading man in this fine band. Composer,
arranger, singer, guitarist, he was it all. I am not sure from which year it is,
probably somewhere half way the 70’s. Another gap that’s being filled on
the world wide web, pick it up and play, you won’t regret. Sweet highlife and
‘Afrohili Soundz’. Every once in a while a new term is launched hoping to
become the new standard. In this case it remained as the title of a couple LP’s.

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1 Yaw asante
2 Meye agyanka
3 Bone biara so wo akatua
4 Obre twa owuo
5 Anomaa tewa
6 Ahyewa & Asaadua
7 Afe nkoaa de onyame mmoa me