Hamidou Ouedraogo – le Chanteur Voltaïque
et sa Guitare “Yamaha”,
Songhaï 1977

Hamidou Ouedraogo, voorkant

Ook uit 1977 is deze lp welke wel in top conditie verkeert.
Het is de tweede plaat uit Burkina Faso die hier verschijnt.
Hamidou Ouedraogo was een complete verrassing voor me toen
ik hem voor het eerst hoorde in de stijl die wat doet denken aan
die van Ali Farka toure. Heerlijk relaxte muziek voor de
zondagmiddag. Burkina Faso heette nog Opper Volta in die
tijd, vandaar de titel ‘le Chanteur Voltaïque
et sa Guitare “Yamaha”. Luister zelf..

From 1977 as well but in mint condition is this nice record.
It is the second lp from Burkina Faso that appears here at the
GG. Hamidou Ouedraogo was a complete surprise to me when I first
heard his music. It has a sound that makes one think of the style
of Ali Farka Toure a little bit. Very delightful and laid back
music which is ideal for your sunday afternoon. Burkina Faso
was still called Upper Volta in those days which explains its
title ‘le Chanteur Volaïque et sa Guitare “Yamaha”. Listen..

titels ;

01 – Kodol
02 – Maan nere
03 – Zaak soba mana yelle
04 – Milo
05 – Beeb lada
06 – Africa


Amadou Balaké Vol.3,Sacodis 1979

Amadou Balaké, front

Another West-African musician with a strong tradition in
blending with latin styles is Amadou Balaké. He was born
in Burkina Faso but started his career in Ghana. His break-
through however came in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire where he worked
with Aboudou Lassissi and Sacodis for years, 70’s & 80’s. Nowadays,
Amadou is a full member of the Africando All Stars. This one
is from 1979 and very mellow. ‘Kanan n’djanfa’ is like a long
African style guajira, listen.


1 Kanan n’djanfa
2 Soum grouba
3 N’dola abibou