Ivoire Retro – Various Artists
Philips 6332 334

On this album, featuring various artists, we find
a range of styles, pachanga, rumba, boucha, merengue,
highlife, cha cha cha, and biguine to name a few. It is
a record on Philips, from the seventies, not clear
what year exactly. Tracks are from 1966, 1967,
1968, 1970, 1972 and other. Most songs are
enjoyable, only #10 is a sad weepy.
To each his own ..

Op deze plaat, waarop diverse artiesten, vinden we een
reeks nummers in verschillende stijlen, pachanga, rumba,
boucha, merengue, highlife, cha cha cha, en biguine om
er een paar te noemen. Hij komt op Philips en uit de
jaren 70, niet duidelijk welk jaar exact. Nummers
uit 1966, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1972 e.d. De meeste
nummers zijn fijn, alleen # 10 is een treurige
smartlap. Ieder z’n ding dan maar ..


01 – les Abidjanais – Mauya
02 – Amédée Pierre – Bida zougo
03 – Orchestre de Bouake – Donne moi ton sourire
04 – Amédée Pierre – Thérèse Boigny
05 – Les Soeurs Comoé – Missi milai
06 – François Lougah – Pecoussa
07 – Fax Clarck et ses Rythmes du Cosmos – Whisky and soda
08 – Mamadou Doumbia – Super bébé
09 – Justin Stanislas – Gbabouho gnoame
10 – François Lougah – Suliram
11 – Ernesto Djédjé – Anowah
12 – Les Abidjanais – Kognima kadi
13 – Les Soeurs Comoé – Mio Bio


Pio Leiva , grupo Los Kimbos
Areito / Egrem 1988

He was called el Montunero de Cuba, Wilfredo Leiva (Pio)
Pascual. May 5, 1917 – march 23, 2006. One of the most
popular singers in the Son Montuno genre. he wrote the
hit song ‘Francisco Guayabal’, made famous by Beny Moré.
Pio worked with Bebo Valdez, Noro Morales, Compay
Segundo, Orquesta Aragon, Mariano Mercerón, Conjunto
Caney and Riverside. he was also one of the old stars who
joined Ry Cooder and Juan de Marcos González in their
Buena Vista Social Club project. Enjoy listening ..

Wikipedia, Dutch
Wikipedia, English

Sabor y Ritmo Tropical
Descargando el Montuno
El Montunero de Cuba

01 – Mulata con cola
02 – Se que te va a gustar
03 – Ritmo continental
04 – Con las barajas marcadas
05 – Francisco guayabal
06 – Que bonito estaba domingo
07 – La flor del caribe
08 – La picazon, papita con jamon
09 – Para ti
10 – Eran dos amigos


Ry-Co Jazz – le Ry-Co Jazz
Disques Vogue CMDINT 9577

On Disques Vogue, probably from the sixties, we find this CMDINT 9577.
It is the very last one listed at their Discogs discography without year of
release. Ry-Co comes from Rythmes Congolais and was initiated in 1958.
Based in Martinique from 1966 to about 1971. Their records are kind of
hard to come by. Radio Martiko re-released one of their albums in 2018.

Op Disques Vogue , waarschijnlijk uit de 60’s, vinden we CMDINT 9577.
Het is de allerlaatste in het rijtje van Discogs dicografie zonder jaar van
uitgave. Ry-Co komt van Rythmes Congolais en werd opgericht in 1958.
Werkend vanuit Martinique van 1966 tot zo’n beetje 1971. Hun platen
zijn tamelijk moeilijk te vinden en gaan voor flinke prijzen op het web.
Radio Martiko uit België heeft in 2018 een van
hun albums her- uit gegeven.

Léopards et Ry-Co Jazz a Paris from 1973
Fantastic Ryco Jazz

tracks ;

01 – Ry-co band
02 – Buambo
03 – Oya lelo
04 – Mwana na ngai
05 – Bebe
06 – Benguala ngai freddy
07 – Kumbele
08 – Me na mora
09 – Marie pedro
10 – Caramba de ma vida
11 – Cunvana
12 – Bonne année


Super Eagles – Viva Super Eagles
Decca 1969


super-eagles-backsleeve-detail just click on


This Gambian group appears here with their debut album from
1969 on Decca. They play a mixture of styles from pop and soul
to rumba, bolero, pachanga and highlife, happy sound.
Unfortunately track nine has some nasty pops..

Super Eagles is een band uit Gambia die hier verschijnt met hun
eerste plaat uit 1969 op Decca. Ze spelen een bonte mix van pop
en soul tot rumba, bolero pachanga en highlife, happy sound.
Helaas heeft nummer negen wat lelijke tikken..

tracks ;

01 – Viva super eagles
02 – Dohi gudi bahut
03 – Gambia su nous raew
04 – Aduna poti ndala
05 – Love’s a real thing
06 – Hey jude
07 – Gambia zambia – african unity
08 – Don’t do that to me
09 – Tagu nein lein
10 – Alieu gori-mami
11 – False love
12 – Gail gain chi rabi


Conjunto Rumbavana – Self Titled
Areito / Egrem 1985


Let’s continue to celebrate life with some happy Cuban music.
This one is dedicated to Emelie and Ben, really hope you like this.
Conjunto Rumbavana was here on one earlier occasion. They were
on this collector called Sabroso Havana Hits.
They appear on this album with Son, Bachata Son, Bolero Cha,
Bachata Guaguancó and Chachachá, dance away..

Laten we doorgaan het leven te vieren met deze blije Cubaanse
muziek. Deze post is opgedragen aan Emelie en Ben, ik hoop van
harte dat jullie dit mooi vinden. Conjunto Rumbavana was hier bij
één eerdere gelegenheid. Ze maakten deel uit van een verzamelaar
met de naam Sabroso Havana Hits.
Op dit album verschijnen ze met Son, Bachata Son, Bolero Cha,
Bachata Guaguancó and Chachachá, dans er op los..

tracks ;

01 – Baila este son
02 – Lagrimas negras
03 – El son de campeon
04 – Lo mismo que usted
05 – Aunque te quiero me voy
06 – Calor en santiago
07 – Novia de la noche
08 – Arra rra rra en pot-pourri
09 – Me muero de amor
10 – Negro de sociedad


Eddie Palmieri y su Conjunto ‘la Perfecta’ El Molestoso
Alegre Records 1963

Eddie Palmieri, front

This is the second lp by latin pianist Eddie Palmieri and his group
‘La Perfecta’. They were the originators of a sound called ‘trombanga’,
introducing two trombones and a flute instead of trumpets. This contributed
a lot to their early sixties succes in the New York latin scene. Later it was
also used by artists such as Willie Colon and Manny Oquendo among others.
The vocals on this 1963 album are taken care of by Ismael Quintana. Enjoy..


1   El molestoso
2   Asi es la humanidad
3   Lazaro y su microfono
4   Contento estoy
5   Sabroso guaguanco
6   Yo sin ti
7   Co un amor se borra otro amor
8   En cadenas
9   La gioconda
10  No critiques


African Retro vol.1 ‘Pont sur le Zaïre’ -Various Artists, Pathé Marconi / EMI 1976

African Retro vol.1, front

From 1976 we have this collection of Congolese songs called
African Retro vol.1 ‘Pont sur le Zaïre’. On side one, 6 songs
by the great Orchestre OK Jazz. Track #4 was written by Coimy,
track #5 by Dele, the other 4 tracks by Franco. On the second side
#1&2 by Essous, Orchestre Bantous, #5&6 also Orchestre Bantous
#5 by Essous and #6 by Mujos. Tracks 3&4 are by Orchestre Cercul.
#3 written by Henry Biby de Massouka and #4 by Franklin Boukaka.
Some fireworks saved for you at the end of the year, cheers.


1 Orchestre OK Jazz – Misele
2 Orchestre OK Jazz – On a ose le dire
3 Orchestre OK Jazz – Polo
4 Orchestre OK Jazz – Bolingo ya bougie
5 Orchestre OK Jazz – Si tu bois beaucoup
6 Orchestre OK Jazz – Le temps passe
7 Orchestre Bantous – Pa’ vacillar
8 Orchestre Bantous – Bantous pachanga
9 Orchestre Cercul – Mobali ya craneur
10 Orchestre Cercul – Honole
11 Orchestre Bantous – Endiable merengue
12 Orchestre Bantous – Tout Brazza


Franco et l’O.K. Jazz à Paris, Pathé Marconi / EMI

Franco à Paris, front, cd size

If you’re into Cuban music and also into African, this is an
item not to miss. We can’t remember him enough, Franco and his
O.K. Jazz. This LP from the 60’s contains Cha cha cha, Rumba,
Pachanga and Charanga, give it a go.


1 Mindondo ya kosuana
2 Baila mi Carabine
3 Colonel Bangala
4 Ven y ven y ven
5 Tango ngai nazalaki somele
6 Retroussons les manches
7 Matinda
8 O.K. Jazz elombe ngangate
9 Course au pouvoir


Los Guaracheros de Oriente, Ansonia

I have never heard one bad tune by these guys, everything
they play sounds great. This is an oldie on Ansonia, anyone
who knows from what year it is ? Los Guaracheros de Oriente
played all over the globe and with great succes everywhere.
From the almost unreal amount of downloads on the previous
LP I posted by these men, I would say, don’t miss it !


1 El tira y jala
2 Migajas de cariño-aquella boca
3 La fiesta de los feos
4 Como tu
5 Soy un peje
6 La mulata
7 Tatalibaba
8 Si llego a besarte
9 La juma de ayer
10 Embriagame
11 Asi cantaba
12 Compay Gallo


Orquesta Aragón – Cojale el Gusto a Cuba,Discuba 1959

Orguesta Aragon started out in 1939 in Cienfuegos, Cuba. They were
not the inventors but the main performers of the Cha Cha Chá.
This is the type of band that keeps existing through the years.
One member leaves the band, another comes in. Their career now
runs for about 7 decades. They still perform today. The quality
of this LP is not very well, but still worth a listen. read_more


1 Le dije a una rosa
2 El baile suavito
3 Ven y ven
4 La muela
5 Mi escapulario
6 Que calor
7 Naranjo y Lucas
8 Separala tambien
9 Clavelitos
10 No puedo vivir
11 Comelon
12 Ah, que familia señor


Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto vol. 2

Arsenio Rodriguez, front, cd size

What have I picked for you today ?
This is truly a fantastic album. Arsenio Rodriguez is back
at Global Groove with volume 2, I don’t know the year on both volumes,
if you do ? Let us know please. The cover picture, clearly made in a
studio is quite hilarious. The sound however is superb.
One of the best Cuban LP’s I’ve ever heard !


1 Necesito una mujer cocinera
2 Quien soy
3 Papa Upa
4 Maldita droga
5 Jugando al siló
6 Cuba llora
7 Sueltala
8 Lo que le pasó a Luisita
9 La realidad
10 Quiero mucho a mi suegra
11 No he visto a caridad
12 Adios Carmelina