Holiday in Afrika – Various Artists
EMI / Columbia C048-15106

Holiday in Afrika, front

An absolut magnificent find is this rare collector. It contains
a fine example of a Pierre Moutouari song from the seventies.
Track no.6 was from his hand. The album is filled with songs
that make my heart beat faster, make up your own mind.
It also appeared as Pathé Marconi / EMI 2 ( C054-15106 )


1 Franco et l’Orchestre OK Jazz – Nazangi muana
2 Orchestre Mando-Negro – Voiture ya occasion
3 Orchestre Sinza – Julienne na ponton
4 Orchestre Hi-Fives – Mwana wa mraka
5 Orchestre Les Bantous – Pitié
6 Orchestre Sinza – Ma loukoula
7 Orchestre Hi-Fives – l’Amour est aveugle
8 Orchestre Sinza – Teti bolingo
9 Orchestre Hi-Fives – Nichukuwe twende kwako
10 Orchestre Hi-Fives – Ba kibushi batano na kenya