Reggie Knighton – Reggie Knighton, CBS inc. 1977

Global Groove's Sunday Special

Today I want to introduce something new at Global Groove.
Global Groove’s Sunday Special, every week I’ll do something else.
This week I want to show you three pop albums from the 70’s, that
I used to play a lot, and of which I like the covers extremely much.
All 3 make me have nostalgic feelings hearing them again
after quite some time.

Reggie Knighton, front, cd size

This is an old personal favourite, my friends and I played it a hell of
a lot those days. I always loved this cover.


1 Every night
2 Fidelity
3 Girl from Pluto
4 Drug dealer
5 VD got to Idi
6 Public servant
7 Tricentennial woman
8 Glows in the dark / Jenny
9 All night long


The Peter Peter Ivers Band – Terminal Love, Warner Bros. Records 1974

Peter Ivers, front, cd size

Ever since I heard this album for the very first time, I loved it !
Everything about this LP is ‘art’. It’s poetic, subtle and played
fantasticly well. And how about that Cover ? A number One !


1 Alpha Centauri
2 Sweet enemy
3 Terminal love
4 My grandmother’s funeral
5 Modern times
6 Deborah
7 oo girl
8 Audience of one
9 Felladaddio
10 Holding the cobra
11 Even Stephen Foster