Anibal Velasquez – Lo Ultimo de…,Discos Fuentes 19..

Now THIS is a typical Global Groove post, what do we have here ?
Discos Fuentes is home for many great artists, Anibal Velasquez comes
in with multiple style, Pasebol, Cundé, Guajira Boogaloo ( wow ),
Merengue, Paseaito, and Pompo, can you still follow ? If this sound
doesn’t drop a smile on your face, you should see a doctor ! When
that track #8 came by I was about to spin through the room, The
diversity in rhythminstruments them Colombians use here, the
halfraw voice… D@*#* , I’ll shut up now so you can go and
listen.. Oh, if anyone knows a year on this one , the group
started in ’55, let us know.


1 Que ojos
2 La caracucha
3 Que se muera
4 Mi barquita
5 La muerte de Anibal
6 Te la vi
7 Palito seco
8 Pobre y viejo
9 Mi suegra
10 La muerte de Bartola
11 La que se fue
12 Mi comadre