Michio Miyagi – Modern Koto Recital vol. 1
Victor / His Master’s Voice 1958

On request, today we find special music from Japan.
Michio Miyagi was a famous koto player who lived
from april 7, 1894 to june 25, 1956. We find this 10″
record on Victor, His Master’s Voice, LR-520 from 1958.
Michio Miyagi was blind from his eighth year. Since all
liner notes come in Japanese, I used the Shazam-app
to find the titles of this little album. Only the fourth
came out without result. Listen to Michio Miyagi ..

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Music Tales

01 – Haru no uni (ocean in spring)
02 – Sakura hensokyoku
03 – Sarashi fu-teguruma
04 – Mystery track