Tau ea Matsekha – Khutsana ea Lesotho
Kwasa 1986

‘Acordeons that shook the world’ are, as from many other countries,
very much present in the music of Lesotho. Lesotho is a country
completely surrounded by South Africa and this shows in its happy
sounding music. We had an album by Puseletso Seema in april,
2010. Another one was ‘Sheswe, The Sound of the Mines’.Today
we find this record with Tau ae Matsekha which should
mean ‘The Lion of Matsekha’, if I’m not mistaking. Exactly
what we need on a snowy day like this ..

Accordeons komen voor in de muziek uit vele landen en zijn ook
aanwezig in de heerlijke sound van Lesotho, een land dat volledig
wordt omsloten door Zuid Afrika. We horen de invloeden daarvan
duidelijk terug. We hadden in april van 2010 al eens een plaat uit
Lesotho met Puseletso Seema. Een andere was ‘Sheswe, The
Sound of the Mines’. Vandaag vinden we deze met Tau ea
Matsekha wat zoveel zou moeten betekenen als ‘De Leeuw
van Matsekha’, als ik me niet vergis. Precies wat we
nodig hebben op zo’n besneeuwde dag ..

Sheswe, The Sound of the Mines 1988
Puseletso Seema & Tau ea Linare 1985

01 – Khutsana ea lesotho
02 – B.a. maseru
03 – Siphuma ethekwini
04 – Ke ngalla ruri
05 – Hakhasana
06 – Sekoti mpate
07 – Haramayi
08 – Hambani kahle maxhosa
09 – Likhomo limatshoba
10 – Otla rata na


Just some nice Lesotho dancing footage ..

Sheshwe, The Sound of the Mines – Various Artists
Rounder 1988

The four bands we find on this collection of miners songs
have a quite similar sound. Maybe because they all share
the same bassplayer, Thomas Maseko. The musicians were
based in the Orange Free State of South Africa but all come
from the majestic mountain land Lesotho. Love the groove ..

tracks ;

01 – Manonyane A Moama – Malimo a manonyane
02 – Manka Le Phallang – Letsa la maluke
03 – Majakathatha – Bana baleha
04 – Sebata Sebata – Kwedi
05 – Manka Le Phallang – Batauoe
06 – Manka Le Phallang – Tsheng la terai
07 – Sebata Sebata – Setumo
08 – Manonyane A Moama – Ngoanaka
09 – Majakathatha – Khomo e khunoena
10 – Sebata Sebata – Selomo ke motjhonoke
11 – Manka Le Phallang – Manka re liahlehile
12 – Manonyane A Moama – Batla ho liela


Puseletso Seema & Tau ea Linare – He O Oe Oe !
Globe Style 1985

Puseletso Seema & Tau ea Linare, front, cd size

2010, the year of another World Championship of football, or
soccer if you prefer. This time the greatest tournament will take
place in South Africa. The whole continent and in particular South
Africa of course, shall benefit of all the extra attention an event
like this harvests. A good opportunity also to promote African
music worldwide, all eyes and ears shall be wide opened. Today’s
post concerns a group from Lesotho, a country completely surrounded
by South Africa that gained independence in 1966. In Globe Style’s series
‘Accordeons that shook the world’, this LP by Puseletso Seema & Tau ea
Linare. The singer Puseletso Seema and the group Tau ea Linare normally
work separate but made this LP for the occasion, a collaboration worthwhile
I’d say. Originally released in 1981, this is the 1985 re-release on Globe Style.
Sweet ‘South’ African music, enjoy He O Oe Oe ! ( say; hay o way way ! )


1 He o oe oe !
2 Leshano
3 Vatse halenone
4 Ha motsoane
5 Mathabo
6 Tsetala Linare
7 Thaba tsepe
8 Katla ka sotleha
9 Bajoetse saki
10 Kesetse mahlomolenu